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02a DONEV eng.pdf.jpg12 тези за разбирање на Свети Климентовата етикаДонев, Дејан 2018Journal Article
02.(str.5-16)Vladimir-Trajkovski-Editorial-JSER-1-2-2017.pdf.jpg20 years Journal of Special Education and Rehabilitation - a period of continuous developmentTrajkovski, Vladimir ; Donev, Doncho 2017Journal Article
A-te-wo-jo ‒ генитив од микенско лично имеЏукеска, Елена 2017Journal Article
Medijska_kultura_004-2013_.pdf.pdf.jpgAnaliza medijske koncentracije i scene u republici MakedonijiDonev, Dejan 2013Journal Article
Approach/avoidance personality traits as predictors of psychopathology in convicted offendersNaumova, Katerina ; Kitkanj, Zoran 2018Journal Article
procenka na vizuelna percepcija.pdf.jpgAssessment of visual perception in students with special educational needsChichevska Jovanova, Natasha ; Dimitrova Radojichikj, Daniela 2007Journal Article
16-29 Stankova - Trajkovski-DTP-3-4-2010.pdf.jpgAttitudes and Opinions of Employers, Employees and Parents about the Employment of People with Autism in the Republic Of MacedoniaStankova, Tanja; Trajkovski, Vladimir 2010Journal Article
Dimitrova_i_sur__Supplement.pdf.jpgThe attitudes of primary school teachers on inclusive education in the Republic of MacedoniaDimitrova Radojichikj, Daniela ; Chichevska Jovanova, Natasha 2013Journal Article
ATTITUDES OF STUDENTS WITH TYPICAL DEVELOPMENT TOWARDS STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES.pdf.jpgAttitudes of students with typical development towards students with disabilitiesChichevska Jovanova, Natasha ; Dimitrova Radojichikj, Daniela 2016Journal Article
Alberta Journal of Educational Research.pdf.jpgAttitudes of the Macedonian Preschool Teachers toward Students with DisabilitiesDimitrova Radojichikj, Daniela ; Chichevska Jovanova, Natasha ; Rashikj Canevska, Olivera 2016Journal Article
WeerkampDEF.pdf.jpgAutism: is there a place for ReAttach therapy? A promotion of natural self-healing through emotions rewiringWeerkamp Bartolomeus, Paula; Peter, Soren; Srivastava, Ashutosh; Fitzgerald, Michael; Marazziti, Donatella; Poletaev, Alexandar; Trajkovski, Vladimir 2018Book chapter
Бариери во инклузивното образование-converted.pdf.jpgBarriers in inclusive education in the Republic of MacedoniaChichevska Jovanova, Natasha ; Dimitrova Radojichikj, Daniela 2014Proceeding article
05. 05. Being Beyond Words some Apophatic Approaches before Plotinus_Zbornik SCA.pdf.jpgBeing beyond Words: Some Apophatic Approaches before PlotinusTodorovska, Marija 2017Proceeding article
Trivent 2018.pdf.jpg(Bio)ethical Education for Young People in MacedoniaDonev, Dejan 2018Book chapter
Cambridge.pdf.jpgBioethical Aspects of the Question of “Good” Death (Euthanasia) in Contemporary WorldDonev, Dejan 2014Book chapter
Bioethics and Education 2014.pdf.jpgThe Bioethical contents in ethical lessons for childrenDonev, Dejan 2014Proceeding article
Alcoholism and Other Addictions.pdf.jpgBioethics and Addiction: The Problem of Alcoholism and BioethicsDonev, Dejan ; Kaluđerović, Željko2017Proceeding article
04. 09. Bioethics education integrative sense and bioethical sensibilty_IJERT.pdf.jpgBioethics Education: Integrative Sense and Bioethical SensibilityTodorovska, Marija 2017Journal Article
05. 04. Bioethics Education_St Clement Education_Zbornik Sv Kliment konferencija.pdf.jpgBioethics Education: Learning Perspectives and MultidisciplinarityTodorovska, Marija 2017Proceeding article
Biomedicinski tretman autizma-Rijeka-oktom-2006.pdf.jpgBiomedicinski tretman autizmaTrajkovski, Vladimir 2006Proceeding article