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Full Name
Rashikj Canevska, Olivera
Vernacular Name
Оливера Рашиќ Цаневска
Рашиќ Цаневска, Оливера
Rashikj Canevska, O.
Рашиќ Цаневска, О.
Rashikj, O.
Рашиќ, О.
Main Affiliation
Working groups
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1Accessible learning management systems: students’ experiences and insightsKarovska Ristovska, Aleksandra ; Rashikj Canevska, Olivera ; Tasevska, Alma ; Bružienė, Rūta; Orechova, Monika; Paiva Dias, Gonçalo; Brito, Elisabeth; Haubro, Henrik30-Aug-2021Journal Article
2Animal assisted therapy in children with disabilitiesRashikj Canevska, Olivera 2020Journal Article
3СБОРНИК конфер Инклюзия_4_28.02.20_3_corr (1)-265-271.pdf.jpgAttitudes of primary school teachers toward inclusion of students with different disabilitiesChichevska Jovanova, Natasha ; Rashikj Canevska, Olivera 2020Proceeding article
4Alberta Journal of Educational Research.pdf.jpgAttitudes of the Macedonian Preschool Teachers toward Students with DisabilitiesDimitrova Radojichikj, Daniela ; Chichevska Jovanova, Natasha ; Rashikj Canevska, Olivera 2016Journal Article
5comparison of the life quality of persons with acquired and inb.pdf.jpgComparison of the life quality of persons with acquired and inborn disabilityRashikj Canevska, Olivera ; Chichevska Jovanova, Natasha ; Dimitrova Radojichikj, Daniela 2014Proceeding article
6Correlation Between Stereotypical Motor Movements and Motor Development in Children With AutismRashikj Canevska, Olivera ; Kochovska, Monika2023Proceeding article
7Curricula for students with special educational needs in R. Macedonia and R. Turkey.pdf.jpgCurricula for students with special educational needs in R. Macedonia and R. TurkeyNergis Ramo, Akgün; Petrov, Risto ; Rashikj Canevska, Olivera ; Stanojkovska Trajkovska, Natasha 2016Journal Article
8Development of the inclusive approach towards persons with disabilities in the Republic of North MacedoniaChichevska Jovanova, Natasha ; Rashikj Canevska, Olivera Nov-2022Proceeding article
9Dogs Therapy for Children with Motor DisabilitiesRashikj Canevska, Olivera ; Ramo Akgün, Nergis2021Journal Article
10Education and Competences of the Special Educators in Turkey and Other CountriesRamo Akgun, Nergis; Karovska Ristovska, Aleksandra ; Rashikj Canevska, Olivera 2020Journal Article
11ПРВИ РЕАКЦИИ НА РОДИТЕЛИТЕ НА ДЕЦА СО ПРЕЧКИ ВО РАЗВОЈОТ.pdf.jpgFirst reactions of the parents of children with developmental disordersChichevska Jovanova, Natasha ; Rashikj Canevska, Olivera 2015Journal Article
12СБОРНИК-конфер-Инклюзия_4_28.02.20_3_corr-1-453-460.pdf.jpgFunctional abilities of children with disabilities included in mainstream schoolsRashikj Canevska, Olivera ; Chichevska Jovanova, Natasha 2020Proceeding article
13Health risks related to digital technology use in childrenSanevski, Goran; Ajdinski, Goran ; Rashikj Canevska, Olivera 2023Journal Article
14The impact of hospitalization on psychophysical development and everyday activities in childrenRashikj Canevska, Olivera 2018Journal Article
15The Importance of Hiking and the Role of the Hiking Guide in Supporting People With AutismChichevska Jovanova, Natasha ; Rashikj Canevska, Olivera 2023Journal Article
16The Importance of Play for Children With Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and Intellectual DisabilityRashikj Canevska, Olivera ; Ramo Akgün, Nergis30-Jun-2021Journal Article
17MOVE1.pdf.jpgImproving quality of life through the MOVE programChichevska Jovanova, Natasha ; Rashikj Canevska, Olivera ; Trifunovska, Maria2010Proceeding article
18Inclusion of the students with different types of disabilities in primary schoolChichevska Jovanova, Natasha ; Rashikj Canevska, Olivera ; Stankovska Kolevska, Julijana2020Journal Article
19Life of the Persons With Disabilities in the Republic of N. Macedonia - Challenges They Face From Birth to Old AgeRashikj Canevska, Olivera Oct-2023Journal Article
20Parents' Perceptions About the Correlation Between Motor Skills and Speech Development of their ChildrenBaruti Sulejmani, Miranda; Rashikj Canevska, Olivera 4-May-2023Article