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Full Name
Dimitrijoska, Sunchica
Vernacular Name
Сунчица Димитријоска
Димитријоска, Сунчица
Dimitrijoska, S.
Димитријоска, С.
Main Affiliation
Working groups
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PreviewTitleAuthor(s)Issue DateType
1ADDITIONAL SUPPORT TO CHILDREN WITH OBSTICLES IN DEVELOPMENT.pdf.jpgAdditional Support to Children with Obstacles in DevelopmentBogoevska, Natasha ; Dimitrijoska, Sunchica ; Trbojevikj, Svetlana 2017Journal Article
2Changes in the Social Protection System in the Republic of MacedoniaBogoevska, Natasha ; Dimitrijoska, Sunchica 2018Journal Article
3Suncica.pdf.jpgDemographic Aging of the Population of the social Protection System in the Republic of MacedoniaDimitrijoska, Sunchica ; Trbojevikj, Svetlana ; Ilievski, Vladimir 2015Journal Article
4Family as a Factor for Recidivism among Children in Conflict with the LawDimitrijoska, Sunchica ; Bogoevska, Natasha 2019Proceeding article
5Protection of Children at Risk.pdf.jpgProtection of Children at Risk in the System of Justice for Children in the Republic of MacedoniaBogoevska, Natasha ; Ilievski, Vladimir ; Dimitrijoska, Sunchica 2015Journal Article
6Suncica.pdf.jpgProvision of Health and Social Services for Drug Addicts in the Republic of MacedoniaDimitrijoska, Sunchica ; Trbojevikj, Svetlana ; Bogoevska, Natasha ; Ilievski, Vladimir 2016Journal Article
7Gerovska Dimitrijoska LjSR.pdf.jpgSocial policy and social work in times of economic crisis in the Republic of MacedoniaGerovska Mitev, Maja ; Dimitrijoska, Sunchica 2013Journal Article
8RSP15.05 Dimitrijoska, Trbojevik, Ilievski.pdf.jpgSocial Services for Elderly PersonsDimitrijoska, Sunchica ; Trbojevikj, Svetlana ; Ilievski, Vladimir 2019Journal Article
9Современите трендови на социо-терапевтската работаДимитријоска, Сунчица 1993Journal Article
10Социјална работа со стари лицаДимитријоска, Сунчица 1996Journal Article
11Trbojevik.pdf.jpgТhe Need of Professional Social Work in Overcoming Social Problems and Social Exclusion of Children in the Process of EducationTrbojevikj, Svetlana ; Dimitrijoska, Sunchica ; Ilievski, Vladimir 2019Journal Article