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Full Name
Bogoevska, Natasha
Vernacular Name
Наташа Богоевска
Богоевска, Наташа
Bogoevska, N.
Богоевска, Н.
Main Affiliation
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PreviewTitleAuthor(s)Issue DateType
1ADDITIONAL SUPPORT TO CHILDREN WITH OBSTICLES IN DEVELOPMENT.pdf.jpgAdditional Support to Children with Obstacles in DevelopmentBogoevska, Natasha ; Dimitrijoska, Sunchica ; Trbojevikj, Svetlana 2017Journal Article
2Changes in European Welfare State Regimes as a Response to Fertility Trends.pdf.jpgChanges in European Welfare States Regimes as a Response to Fertility TrendsBornarova, Suzana ; Bogoevska, Natasha ; Trbojevikj, Svetlana 2017Journal Article
3Changes in the Social Protection System in the Republic of MacedoniaBogoevska, Natasha ; Dimitrijoska, Sunchica 2018Journal Article
4Family as a Factor for Recidivism among Children in Conflict with the LawDimitrijoska, Sunchica ; Bogoevska, Natasha 2019Proceeding article
5Financing of Social Services for Children.pdf.jpgFinancing of Social Services for Children in MacedoniaBogoevska, Natasha ; Trbojevikj, Svetlana ; Georgievska, Sofija 2018Journal Article
6Inclusion of disabled persons in Macedonia. Social Protection and Employment Policies.pdf.jpgInclusion of disabled persons in the Republic of Macedonia: Social protection and employment policiesTrbojevikj, Svetlana ; Bogoevska, Natasha 2015Journal Article
7Macedonian regulatory framework of vocational rehabilitation for persons with disabilitiesBogoevska, Natasha ; Trbojevikj, Svetlana 2018Proceeding article
8Protection of Children at Risk.pdf.jpgProtection of Children at Risk in the System of Justice for Children in the Republic of MacedoniaBogoevska, Natasha ; Ilievski, Vladimir ; Dimitrijoska, Sunchica 2015Journal Article
9Suncica.pdf.jpgProvision of Health and Social Services for Drug Addicts in the Republic of MacedoniaDimitrijoska, Sunchica ; Trbojevikj, Svetlana ; Bogoevska, Natasha ; Ilievski, Vladimir 2016Journal Article
10Административи реформи на европските системи на социјална заштита.pdf.jpgАдминистративни реформи на европските системи на социјална заштитаБогоевска, Наташа 2019Journal Article