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Title: A-te-wo-jo ‒ генитив од микенско лично име
Other Titles: A-te-wo-jo ‒ genitive of a mycenaean personal name
Authors: Џукеска, Елена 
Keywords: A-TE-WO-JO, mycenaean, personal names
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Филозофски факултет - Скопје
Source: „A-te-wo-jo ‒ генитив од микенско лично име“, Годишен зборник на ФзФ, бр. 70, 2017, стр. 105-109 („A-te-wo-jo ‒ genitive of a mycenaean personal name“), pp. 111-115
Journal: Годишен зборник на Филозофскиот факултет
Abstract: The form a-te-wo-jo occurs once on the Pylos tablet Sa 797. Although there aren't other forms, neither in nominative, nor in any other case, to be compared with a-te-wo-jo, still the analysis of the intermediate context of the particular tablet and the analysis of the Sa series in general, allows us to conclude that this is a personal name in genitive, ending in -οιο. Although, because of the polysemantic value of the Mycenaean syllabograms different interpretations are possible, still the comparison with other personal names in Mycenaean and in Post-Mycenaean Greek, allows us to interpret the personal name *a-te-wo as a hypocoristic of a compound personal name composed of ἀνθέω, "bloom, flourish, be brilliant, shine", as first element and οἶνος, "wine", as second element.
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