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Jovevski_Tijan.pdf.jpgE-business models for web based social networks in the Republic of MacedoniaJovevski, Dimitar ; Tijan, EdvardMay-2014Article
E-learning in the hands of generation Y and ZPostolov, Kiril ; Magdinceva sopova, Marija; Janeska iliev, Aleksandra2017Article
Proceedings JBF 2019.pdf.jpgEducation and its effects on the labour market in MacedoniaCvetanoska, Marijana ; Trpeski, Predrag Mar-2019Proceeding article; Proceedings
Scientific 22.1  273  280.pdf.jpgEFFECTS AND BENEFITS OF THE OBLIGATORY IMPLEMENTATION OF ELECTRONIC PUBLIC PROCUREMENT SYSTEMJovevski, Dimitar ; Nikolovska, Dragana; Ristevska jovanovska, Snezhana ; Mijoska belshoska, Marina Mar-2018Article
Knowledge- International Journal 28.1.pdf.jpgAn empirical investigation of selected factors determining the labour productivity in MacedoniaTrpeski, Predrag ; Cvetanoska, Marijana Dec-2018Article
Enhancing regional cooperation througn custom digitalization in CEFTA - 2006Kocev Ljuben; Kikerkova, Irena ; Toshevska, Katerina ; Makrevska disoska, Elena 2019Proceedings
Evidence of innovation performance in the period of economic recovery in EuropeMakrevska disoska, Elena ; Tevdovski, Dragan ; Toshevska trpchevska, Katerina; Stojkoski, Viktor2018Journal Article
Factors affecting current account in the Republic of MacedoniaMakrevska disoska, Elena ; Trpkova nestorovska, Marija 2015Journal Article
"Factors of emigration: analysis of countries from the European Union"Trpkova nestorovska, Marija 2019Article
Fiscal decentralization and the role of local government in local economic development in the Republic of MacedoniaTrpeski, Predrag ; Cvetanoska, Marijana Apr-2015Proceeding article
"Forecasting the live births trend in the Republic of Macedonia by using the ARMA model”Trpkova nestorovska, Marija 2014Article
GENERATIONAL DIFFERENCES IN ACHIEVING WORK-LIFE BALANCEЈанеска илиев, Aлександра; Постолов, Кирил; Магдинчева шопова, МаријаJan-2019Article
FEB Zagreb FINAL Book ISSN 2019.pdf.jpgGross fixed capital formation and productivity in Southeastern EuropeTrpeski, Predrag ; Cvetanoska, Marijana Jun-2019Proceeding article
Hidden Champions of the Republic of MacedoniaSanta, Mijalche ; Kekenovski, LJubomir 2013Book chapter
“Hierarchical cluster analysis: potential of the tourism up growths in the poorly developed Macedonian municipalities”Trpkova nestorovska, Marija ; Vasic, Vladimir2009Proceeding article
The Impact of a Crisis on the Innovation Systems in Europe: Evidence from the CIS10 Innovation SurveyToshevska trpchevska, Katerina; Makrevska disoska, Elena ; Tevdovski, Dragan ; Stojkoski, Viktor2019Article
Journal of Contemporary Economic and Business Issues, 2019.pdf.jpgThe impact of human capital on the economic growth in MacedoniaCvetanoska, Marijana ; Trpeski, Predrag 2019Article
THE IMPACT OF SMALL AND MEDIUM SIZED ENTERPRISES IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF HEALTH TOURISM IN MACEDONIAMagdincheva shopova, Marija; Postolov, Kiril ; Janeska iliev, Aleksandra; Joshevski, Dushko2017Article
European Scientific Journal 2018.pdf.jpgThe Impact of the Main Determinants and Changes in Agricultural Labour Productivity in MacedoniaTrpeski, Predrag ; Cvetanoska, Marijana Apr-2018Article