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Cvetanoska, Marijana
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1Fourth REDETE Conference_web.pdf.jpgCompany's innovativeness in transition economies: The case of Macedonia.Bozhinovska, Tihona; Cvetanoska, Marijana ; Denkovski, DraganOct-2015Proceeding article
2Knowledge- International Journal 28.1.pdf.jpgAn empirical investigation of selected factors determining the labour productivity in MacedoniaTrpeski, Predrag ; Cvetanoska, Marijana Dec-2018Article
3ESD Conference_ Book of Proceedings.pdf.jpgFiscal decentralization and the role of local government in local economic development in the Republic of MacedoniaTrpeski, Predrag ; Cvetanoska, Marijana Apr-2015Proceeding article
4FEB Zagreb FINAL Book ISSN 2019.pdf.jpgGross fixed capital formation and productivity in Southeastern EuropeTrpeski, Predrag ; Cvetanoska, Marijana Jun-2019Proceeding article
5Journal of Contemporary Economic and Business Issues, 2019.pdf.jpgThe impact of human capital on the economic growth in MacedoniaCvetanoska, Marijana ; Trpeski, Predrag 2019Article
6European Scientific Journal 2018.pdf.jpgThe Impact of the Main Determinants and Changes in Agricultural Labour Productivity in MacedoniaTrpeski, Predrag ; Cvetanoska, Marijana Apr-2018Article
7Knowledge- International Journal 26.1.pdf.jpgIncome distribution and its determinants in the Republic of MacedoniaTrpeski, Predrag ; Gockov, GJorgji ; Cvetanoska, Marijana 2018Article
8EBM2016 Proceedings.pdf.jpgLabor productivity and economic growth in selected SEE countries after the Great Recession of 2008Trpeski, Predrag ; Cvetanoska, Marijana 2016Proceeding article
9European Scientific Journal 2016.pdf.jpgLabor Productivity And Real Wages In Macedonia: An Overview Before And After The Global Economic CrisisTrpeski, Predrag ; Eftimov, LJupcho ; Cvetanoska, Marijana 2016Article
10Proceeding of the Faculty of economics in East Sarajevo 2018.pdf.jpgMain determinants of youth labour market in selected SEE countries and the case of MacedoniaTrpeski, Predrag ; Cvetanoska, Marijana 2018Article
11Economic Studies Journal (Bulgarian Academy of Science) 2017.pdf.jpgUnemployment and a Stock – Flow Model on the Labour Market in the Republic of MacedoniaTrpeski, Predrag ; Janeska, Verica ; Cvetanoska, Marijana ; Lozanoska, Aleksandra 2017Article