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Trenovski, Borche
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174-Article Text-274-2-10-20190907.pdf.jpgAnalysis of the Effects of the Economic Crisis in Greece on the Macedonian EconomyTrenovski, Borce 2010Journal Article
270-Article Text-258-2-10-20190907.pdf.jpgAnalysis Of The Status And Structure Of The Consumption Of Students And Pensioners In MacedoniaTrenovski, Borce 2009Journal Article
3Godisnik 2018 final (2).pdf.jpgThe Concept of Minimum Wage - The Case of the Republic Of MacedoniaTrenovski, Borce ; Kozheski, Kristijan2018Journal Article
433-130-1-PB.pdf.jpgCost-benefit analysis of performance based budgeting implementationTrenovski, Borce ; Nikolov, Marjan2015Journal Article
5Determinants Of The Citizens’ Usage Of Electronic Public Services In The Republic Of MacedoniaTrenovski, Borce 2019Journal Article
7Annual2009-theorycircle.pdf.jpgEconomic theory, economic policy and economic practice –(case of R. Macedonia)Trenovski, Borce 2009Article
8The effectiveness of fiscal and monetary policies in a small open economy – the case of MacedoniaPetrevski, Goran ; Trenovski, Borce ; Tashevska, Biljana May-2019Journal Article
92015.pdf.jpgEffects of The Global Economic Crisis on The World Economy - Financial and Real SectorTrenovski, Borche 2015Article
10Efficiency of the fiscal policy and the fiscal multipliers – the case of the Republic of MacedoniaFilipovski, Vladimir ; Fiti, Taki ; Trenovski, Borce 2016Journal Article
11Estimating a fiscal reaction function for the South East European countries.pdf.jpgEstimating a fiscal reaction function for the South East European countriesTashevska, Biljana ; Trpkova nestorovska, Marija ; Trenovski, Borce 2018Proceeding article
1204-trenovski-tashevska-2015-11.pdf.jpgFiscal or monetary dominance in a small, open economy with fixed exchange rate–the case of the Republic of MacedoniaTrenovski, Borce ; Tashevska, Biljana 2015Journal Article
13FISCAL SUSTAINABILITY OF MACEDONIA ON ITS PATH TOWARDS THE EU.pdf.jpgFiscal sustainability of Macedonia on its path towards the EUTashevska, Biljana ; Trenovski, Borce 2016Proceeding article
14Godisnik 2014.pdf.jpgThe global economic crisis - challenge to economic concepts and policies - what nextTrenovski, Borce 2014Journal Article
15MPRA_paper_76323.pdf.jpgThe Global Economic Crisis-What Should NOT be ForgottenTrenovski, Borce ; Tashevska, Biljana ; Makreshanska mladenovska, Suzana 2015Journal Article
16The Government Revenue–Expenditure Nexus in Southeast Europe: A Bootstrap Panel Granger-Causality ApproachTashevska, Biljana ; Trenovski, Borce ; Trpkova-nestorovska, Marija Feb-2020Journal Article
17ssituationaproach-annual2010.pdf.jpgImplementation of the Situation approach in the synthesis of the alternative macroeco-nomic conceptions for the purpose of determining the optimal macroeconomic policy in MacedoniaTrenovski, Borce 2010Article
18ICOMEP'19SpringProceedingsBook (1).pdf.jpgISLAMIC FINANCE TOOLS AS AN ALTERNATIVE TO PREVENT FUTURE GLOBAL CRISESTrenovski, Borce ; Merdzan, Gunter; Kozheski, KristijanJun-2019Proceeding article
19Годишник на Економски факултет- Скопје 2017.pdf.jpgKeynesianism as foundation of the key economic policies in the context of the Global Economic Crisis - the case of R. MacedoniaTrenovski, Borce 2017Journal Article
20Labor market supply vs. Demand characteristics in the northeastern planning region of MacedoniaTrenovski, Borce ; Andonova, Garvanlieva, Vesna; Nikolov, Marjan; Dimovska, Gabriela; Mitevski, Igor2016Journal Article