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Trpkova-Nestorovska, Marija
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1Antecedents_of_MGT_Innovation.pdf.jpgANTECEDENTS OF MANAGEMENT INNOVATION - A CASE OF COMPANIES FROM WESTERN BALKAN COUNTRIESLevkov, Nikola ; Trpkova nestorovska, Marija Jun-2019Article
2Antecedents of management innovation – a case of companies from Western Balkan countriesLevkov, Nikola ; Trpkova-nestorovska, Marija Jul-2019Journal Article
3“Application of the cluster analysis in Macedonian stock exchange shares trade”Trpkova nestorovska, Marija 2008Article
4"Application of the Kruskal - Wallis test in the analysis of the demographic factors of migration in Republic of Macedonia”Trpkova nestorovska, Marija 2010Article
5Trpkova - Tevdovski Applied discriminant analysis in estimation of potential EU members.pdf.jpg“Applied discriminant analysis in estimation of potential EU members”Trpkova nestorovska, Marija ; Tevdovski, Dragan 2010Article
6M. Trpkova - Godisnik 2011.pdf.jpg“Applied factorial analysis of variance in examining the effects of the economic activities and the quarters of the year on the gross domestic product of Republic of Macedonia”Trpkova nestorovska, Marija 2011Article
7Demografic ageing of Europe.pdf.jpg“Demographic ageing of Europe and its impact on the birth rate”,Trpkova nestorovska, Marija 2017Article
8“Determinants and forecasts of the national inflation”Trpkova nestorovska, Marija 2016Article
9M. Trpkova.pdf.jpg“Determinants and trends of fertility in the Balkan countries – applied panel regression model”Trpkova nestorovska, Marija 2012Article
10PIEB Article - Trpkova and Tashevska FINAL.pdf.jpg„Determinants of economic growth in South East Europe: A panel data approach”Trpkova nestorovska, Marija ; Tashevska, Biljana 2011Article
11“Determinants of foreign direct investment in southeast European countries”Trpkova nestorovska, Marija ; Tashevska, Biljana 2009Proceeding article
12Trpkova-Nestorovska M. 2018.pdf.jpg“Determinants of Life Expectancy: Comparative Analysis for Different Groups of Countries Using Panel Regression”Trpkova nestorovska, Marija 2018Article
13"Determinants of life-expectancy: analysis of Southeastern European countries"Trpkova nestorovska, Marija ; Levkov, Nikola 2019Article
14Determinants of Online Impulse Buying Behaviour of Generation Z - The Case of North MacedoniaMijoska belshoska, Marina ; Trenevska Blagoeva, Kalina ; Trpkova-Nestorovska, Marija 15-Dec-2023Proceeding article
15Emigration in the Republic of North Macedonia: indicators and estimationsTrpkova-nestorovska, Marija 2019Journal Article
16Estimating a fiscal reaction function for the South East European countries.pdf.jpgEstimating a fiscal reaction function for the South East European countriesTashevska, Biljana ; Trpkova nestorovska, Marija ; Trenovski, Borce 2018Proceeding article
17EVENTS’ STUDY ON THE IMPACT OF THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC ON THE MACEDONIAN STOCK MARKETTrpkova-nestorovska, Marija ; Trpeski, Predrag ; Peovski, Filip 16-Mar-2021Proceeding article
18Factors affecting current account in the Republic of MacedoniaMakrevska disoska, Elena ; Trpkova nestorovska, Marija 2015Journal Article
19KIJ, Vol. 32.1.pdf.jpg"Factors of emigration: analysis of countries from the European Union"Trpkova nestorovska, Marija 2019Article
20"Forecasting the live births trend in the Republic of Macedonia by using the ARMA model”Trpkova nestorovska, Marija 2014Article