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Gockov, GJorgji
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12. Knowledge-International Journal 20.2.pdf.jpgAusterity of fiscal stimulus in times of crisis – an old debate without consensusGockov, GJorgji ; Trpeski, Predrag Dec-2017Article
2Ekonomika-2016-2.pdf.jpgDesigning a balanced scorecard as strategic management system for higher education institutions: A case study in MacedoniaEftimov, Lјupcho ; Trpeski, Predrag ; Gockov, GJorgji ; Vasileva, Vesna2016Journal Article
3Factors_Driving_Public_Debt_Dynamics_conference paper.pdf.jpgFactors driving the gross public debt dynamics: The case of Republic of MacedoniaGockov, GJorgji ; Makreshanska mladenovska, Suzana 2019Journal Article
4Financial liberalization and the financial euroizationJovanovski, Kiril ; Naumovska, Elena ; Gockov, GJorgji 2015Journal Article
5Flow of funds account in the Macedonian economy – methodology, trends and effects of the crisisGockov, GJorgji ; KJosev, Sasho 2014Journal Article
6Knowledge- International Journal 26.1.pdf.jpgIncome distribution and its determinants in the Republic of MacedoniaTrpeski, Predrag ; Gockov, GJorgji ; Cvetanoska, Marijana 2018Article
7The influence of the banking sector functions on economic activity in MacedoniaNaumovska, Elena ; Jovanovski, Kiril ; Gockov, GJorgji 2015Journal Article
8Macroeconomic shocks asymmetry: SEE as an optimal currency areaGockov, GJorgji ; Jovanovski, Kiril 2013Journal Article
9Real convergence in CEE countries.pdf.jpgReal Convergence in Central and Eastern Europe: An Empirical AnalysisGockov, GJorgji ; Makreshanska mladenovska, Suzana ; Petrevski, Goran ; Trpeski, LJube 2019Proceeding article
10The role of macroprudential measures in terms of global economic crises – the case of the Republic of MacedoniaGockov, GJorgji ; Trenovski, Borche 2013Journal Article
11The role, significance and trend of construction sector in MacedoniaGockov, GJorgji ; Mamuchevska, Daniela ; Trenovski, Borche ; Tashevska, Biljana 2012Journal Article
12Why is the social accounting matrix important for the Republic of MacedoniaKJosev, Sasho ; Gockov, GJorgji ; Eftimov, Lјupcho 2014Journal Article