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Title: The role, significance and trend of construction sector in Macedonia
Authors: Gockov, GJorgji 
Mamuchevska, Daniela 
Trenovski, Borce 
Tashevska, Biljana 
Keywords: construction, cost index, Macedonia, EU
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: CEA, Skopje
Source: • Gockov, Gj., Mamucevska, D., Trenovski, B., Tasevska, B., (2012), “The role, significance and trend of construction sector in Macedonia”, CEA Journal of Economics, Volume 7 (pg. 57-70), Skopje
Journal: CEA Journal of Economics
Abstract: The theory has concluded, and the practice has confirmed numerous times, that the dynamic trends in construction influence the general economic activity of a country with a multiplier effect. More specifically, growth in the construction sector activity stimulates a revival of the total economic activity. Hence, the growth in this sectorstimulates a faster economic growth of a country. The governments of many countries, including Macedonia,through macroeconomics policies, encourage and stimulate construction activities with an ultimate goal to sooth recession trends in the economy. In order to reduce unemployment and strengthen aggregate demand, especially in crisis times, governments often engage in financing and building public objects. First in this paper we give a short review of why and how the developments in construction are usually analyzed, with an emphasis on the methodology implemented by the State Statistical Office of the Republic of Macedonia; further we make an analysis of the role and significance of the construction sector in Macedonia and finally we review the EU experiences. Having this in mind and considering the fact that thus far a more serious and detailed analysis of the construction sector in Macedonia has not been done, with this paper we aim at giving a humble contribution, which would clear the way for further analyses and researches of this relevant sector of the economy.
ISSN: 1857-5269
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