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Bucevska, Vesna
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1BEH_Vol4_MACEDONIA_Vesna_Bucevska_Crisis_EarlyWarning_Model (1).pdf.jpgAn analysis of financial crisis by an early warning system model: The case of the EU candidate countriesBucevska, Vesna 2011Article
2ANALYSIS OF THE DETERMINANTS OF GRADUATES EMPLOYABILITYKozheski, Kristijan ; Bucevska, Vesna ; Janeska iliev, Aleksandra Jun-2022Proceeding article
3Analysis of the Determinants of Graduates EmployabilityKozheski, Kristijan ; Bucevska, Vesna ; Janeska iliev, Aleksandra Nov-2022Article
4Odyssey 2018 Vesna Bucevska.pdf.jpgAPPLICATION OF SIX SIGMA IN HIGHER EDUCATION QUALITY ASSURANCEBucevska, Vesna May-2018Article
5REVISTA VESNA BUCEVSKA.pdf.jpgAssessing the future migration potential of the EU candidate countriesBucevska, Vesna Apr-2010Article
6ISI 2001 Seul.PDF.jpgThe barriers to acceptance of statistical methods of quality control in the Macedonian manufacturing industryBucevska, Vesna Aug-2001Proceeding article
7PANOECONOMICUS 2015 - Vesna Bucevska.pdf.jpgCurrency Crises in EU Candidate Countries: An Early Warning System ApproachBucevska, Vesna Sep-2015Article
8IARIW COPENHAGEN 2018 VESNA BUCEVSKA.pdf.jpgCurrent account imbalances in the context of European integrationBucevska, Vesna Aug-2018Proceeding article
9ISI DUBLIN pp. 6887-.pdf.jpgDating, detecting and forecasting financial crises in the EU accession countriesBucevska, Vesna Aug-2011Proceeding article
11NIS 2009 Vesna Bucevska.pdf.jpgDeterminants of migration from EU candidate countries to Germany: A gravity model approachBucevska, Vesna Jun-2009Proceeding article
12EASTERN EUROPEAN ECONOMICS The Determinants of Profitability in the Banking Industry Empirical Research on Selected Balkan Countries.pdf.jpgThe Determinants of Profitability in Banking Industry: Empirical Research on Selected Balkan CountriesBucevska, Vesna ; Hadzi misheva, BrankaMar-2017Article
13Determinants of transparency and disclosure –evidence from post-transition economiesArsov, Sasho ; Bucevska, Vesna May-2017Article
14DIEM_2013.pdf.jpgEconometric estimation of the determinants and impact of remittances on the Macedonian economyBucevska, Vesna Sep-2013Proceeding article
15ISI Berlin 2003.pdf.jpgEconometric Modeling of Volatility on the Macedonian Stock ExchangeBucevska, Vesna Aug-2003Proceeding article
16BSRJ_Vesna_Bucevska (1).pdf.jpgAn empirical evaluation of GARCH models in Value-at-Risk estimation: Evidence from the Macedonian stock exchangeBucevska, Vesna 2013Article
17Pula_COET2013.pdf.jpgFinancial crises are predictable: The case of the EU candidate countriesBucevska, Vesna Jun-2013Proceeding article
18Foreign Direct Investment and Domestic Investment in Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe: A Multivariate Time Series AnalysisBucevska, Vesna ; Merdzan, Gunter14-Dec-2022Article
19ISI LIsboa 2007 Vesna Bucevska.pdf.jpgA Gravity Model of the Macedonian ExportBucevska, Vesna Aug-2007Proceeding article
20Vesna Bucevska and Goran Mojanoski_Vol_4_No_2_Paper_09 (1).pdf.jpgIdentifying the determinants that cause the value movements of currencies Denar, Kuna and DinarBucevska, Vesna ; Mojanoski, Goran2018Article