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J.iliev, Aleksandra
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Ј.Илиев, Александра
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1ANALYSIS OF THE DETERMINANTS OF GRADUATES EMPLOYABILITYKozheski, Kristijan ; Bucevska, Vesna ; Janeska iliev, Aleksandra Jun-2022Proceeding article
2Analysis of the Determinants of Graduates EmployabilityKozheski, Kristijan ; Bucevska, Vesna ; Janeska iliev, Aleksandra Nov-2022Article
3BEH_Vol11_Issue3_2015_Stojan_Debarliev_Antecedents_entrepreneurial_intention_evidence_Macedonia_pp.143-161.pdf.jpgAntecedents of entrepreneurial intention: Evidence from Republic of MacedoniaDebarliev, Stojan ; Janeska iliev, Aleksandra ; Bozhinovska, Tihona ; Ilieva, Viktorija16-Oct-2015Article
4BUILDING UP THE BASE FOR ENTREPRENEURSHIP: THE MEANING OF UNIVERSITY IN THE ENTREPRENEURIAL ECOSYSTEMJaneska iliev, Aleksandra ; Debarliev, Stojan ; Drakulevski, LJubomir 14-Nov-2020Proceeding article
5E-learning in the hands of generation Y and ZPostolov, Kiril ; Magdinceva shopova, Marija; Janeska iliev, Aleksandra 2017Article
6f1.pdf.jpgEntrepreneurial intention and effective integration of young people with lower economics status in inclusive business modelsJaneska iliev, Aleksandra ; Debarliev, Stojan 2020Article
76371-1-18616-1-10-20151102.pdf.jpgFactors affecting growth of small business: the case of a developing country having experienced transitionJaneska iliev, Aleksandra ; Debarliev, Stojan Oct-2015Article
8ElevnthInternationalConferenceChallengesOfEurope-ConferenceProceedings-bookmarked.pdf.jpgFAMILY BUSINESS CHARACTERISTICS AND DIFFERENCES: SOME INSIGHTS FROM THE DEVELOPING COUNTRIESDebarliev, Stojan ; Janeska iliev, Aleksandra May-2015Proceeding article
9GENERATIONAL DIFFERENCES IN ACHIEVING WORK-LIFE BALANCEJaneska iliev, Aleksandra ; Postolov, Kiril ; Magdinceva shopova, MarijaJan-2019Article
10DRMJ.2019.v08n01a04.pdf.jpgHR BRANDING AND THE POTENTIAL VALUE: EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE AND PRACTICAL IMPLICATIONSDebarliev, Stojan ; Brzovska, Ezheni ; Janeska iliev, Aleksandra 20-May-2019Article
11THE IMPACT OF SMALL AND MEDIUM SIZED ENTERPRISES IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF HEALTH TOURISM IN MACEDONIAMagdincheva shopova, Marija; Postolov, Kiril ; Janeska iliev, Aleksandra ; Joshevski, Dushko2017Article
12Influence of Market Values of Enterprise on Objectivity of the Altman Z-Model in the Period 2006-2012: Case of the Republic of Macedonia and Republic of SerbiaPostolov, Kiril ; Milenkovic, Ivan; Milenkovic, Dragana; Janeska iliev, Aleksandra 2016Article
13Knowledge overconfidence among entrepreneurs from Austria and North MacedoniaIlieva, Viktorija; Janeska iliev, Aleksandra ; Debarliev, Stojan ; Nakov, Leonid ; Drakulevski, LJubomir ; Brudermann, Thomas2022Article
14Small business growth in the context of tourism.pdf.jpgSMALL BUSINESS GROWTH IN THE CONTEXT OF TOURISMDrakulevski, LJubomir ; Janeska iliev, Aleksandra 19-Feb-2018Article
15633-2025-3-PB.pdf.jpgA Story On Leadership Styles From Macedonian Companies: Components Of Transformational Vs. Transnational Leadership Influenced By Aspects Of Emotional IntelligenceDrakulevski, LJubomir ; Debarliev, Stojan ; Janeska iliev, Aleksandra ; Taneva-Veshovska, Angelina2017Article
16What can education bring to entrepreneurship? Formal versus non-formal educationDebarliev, Stojan ; Janeska iliev, Aleksandra ; Stripeikis, Osvaldas; Zupan, Blaž2-Jan-2022Article
17Годишник на Економски факултет- Скопје 2017_AJ (1).pdf.jpgВлијанието на емоционалната интелигенција врз лидерството во македонските компанииЈанеска илиев, Александра 2017Article
18godisnik 2016 (1)_АЈ.pdf.jpgИмпликациите на трансакционото и трансформационото лидерство во компаниите во Република МакедонијаЈанеска илиев, Александра 2016Article
19Godisnik2018finalAJ.pdf.jpgКако едукацијата и работното искуство влијаат на претприемачките намери на студентите?Јанеска илиев, Александра Nov-2018Article
202015_АЈ годишник финал.pdf.jpgКарактеристики на планирањето кај малите бизниси во Република МакедонијаЈанеска илиев, Александра 2015Article