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Naumovski, Aleksandar
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1Analysis of determinants of corporate cash holding of listed manufacturing companies on the Macedonian stock exchangeNaumoski, Aleksandar ; Simona Ruseva30-Jun-2022Article
2Asymmetric Information and Agency Cost of Financial Leverage and Corporate Investments: Evidence from Emerging South-East European CountriesNaumoski, Aleksandar ; Arsov, Sasho ; Cvetkoska, Violeta 10-May-2022Journal Article
3Climate Finance: Global and National Perspectives in the Context of COVID-19 Pandemic ImpactNaumoski, Aleksandar ; Angelova, Biljana Mar-2022Journal Article
4Climate risks and vulnerability of the local economy of the City of SkopjeNaumoski, Aleksandar 1-Jun-2023Article
5Determinants of capital structure: An empirical study of companies from selected post-transition economiesArsov, Sasho ; Naumoski, Aleksandar Feb-2016Article
6Determinants of companies' growthNaumoski, Aleksandar 23-Sep-2022Article
7DIMINISHING INTER-LINKAGES OF THE SOUTH EAST EUROPEAN STOCK MARKETSNaumoski, Aleksandar ; Arsov, Sasho ; Gaber, Stevan; Gaber naumoska, Vasilka2017Article
8Economic Evaluation of Investment Project for Maintenance of Urban ForestryNaumoski, Aleksandar ; Gaber, Stevan; Gaber Naumoska, Vasilka2016Journal Article
9document.pdf.jpgThe effects on the aggregate demand and aggregate supply during the great economic depressionGaber, Stevan; Gaber Naumoska, Vasilka; Naumoski, Aleksandar 2016Journal Article
10Naumoski-Gaber-GaberNaumoska-UTMSJOE-8 (2) pp. 67–77.pdf.jpgEmpirical Distribution of Stock Returns of Southeast European Emerging MarketsNaumoski, Aleksandar ; Gaber, Stevan; Gaber Naumoska, Vasilka2017Journal Article
11Naumoski A. - Estimating Country Risk Premium in the Emerging Markets - the Case of the Republic of Macedonia.pdf.jpgEstimating the Country Risk Premium in Emerging Markets: the Case of the Republic of MacedoniaNaumoski, Aleksandar 2012Journal Article
12Estimating public climate finance using objective-based cost component approachNaumoski, Aleksandar ; Upadhya, Madhukar; Zdraveva, Pavlina1-Nov-2022Journal Article
13Naumoski&Nestorovski, PANOECONOMICUS, 2018, Vol. 65, Issue 4, pp. 479-507.pdf.jpgEx-ante equity risk premia: Expectational estimates using stock market returns forecasts in the emerging equity marketNaumoski, Aleksandar ; Nestorovski, Metodija2018Journal Article
14Financial policy and companies' sustainable growthNaumoski, Aleksandar 30-Dec-2022Article
15document.pdf.jpgThe great economic depression and the fiscal policyGaber Naumoska, Vasilka; Gaber, Stevan; Naumoski, Aleksandar 2016Journal Article
16Impact of Company-Specific Determinants on Corporate Cash Holdings: Evidence from South-East European CountriesNaumoski, Aleksandar ; Bucevska, Vesna 1-Nov-2022Journal Article
17Naumoski& Juhasz, 2018 - The impact of infl. and op. cyc. on corp. cash holdings in SEE.pdf.jpgThe Impact of Inflation and Operating Cycle on the Corporate Cash Holdings in South-East EuropeNaumoski, Aleksandar ; Juhasz, Peter2018Journal Article
18Impact of working capital management on profitability of Macedonian industrial companiesNaumoski, Aleksandar ; Naumovska, Maja15-Jul-2022Journal Article
19The impact of working capital management on profitability of the listed companies in emerging European countriesNaumoski, Aleksandar 2019Proceeding article
20Internal company determinants of sustainable growth rate: empirical investigation on an emerging marketNaumoski, Aleksandar 23-May-2022Proceeding article