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Estimating a fiscal reaction function for the South East European countries.pdf.jpgEstimating a fiscal reaction function for the South East European countriesTashevska, Biljana ; Trpkova nestorovska, Marija ; Trenovski, Borce 2018Proceeding article
Factors affecting current account in the Republic of MacedoniaMakrevska disoska, Elena ; Trpkova nestorovska, Marija 2015Journal Article
KIJ, Vol. 32.1.pdf.jpg"Factors of emigration: analysis of countries from the European Union"Trpkova nestorovska, Marija 2019Article
"Forecasting the live births trend in the Republic of Macedonia by using the ARMA model”Trpkova nestorovska, Marija 2014Article
“Hierarchical cluster analysis: potential of the tourism up growths in the poorly developed Macedonian municipalities”Trpkova nestorovska, Marija ; Vasic, Vladimir2009Proceeding article
1-4 Apstrakt.pdf.jpgKlasifikacione procedure u multivarijacionoj statističkoj analiziTrpkova nestorovska, Marija 2010Other
“Life expectancy at birth in Southeastern Europe: Applied cointegrated panel regression”Trpkova nestorovska, Marija 2015Article
"Long run relationship between imports and exports in Republic of Macedonia: Applied cointegration and error correction model”Trpkova nestorovska, Marija 2013Article
"Migration an its impact on the demographic transition in the countries of the European Union"Trpkova nestorovska, Marija ; Trenovski, Borche ; Tashevska, Biljana 2018Article
“Modeling the informal economy in EU: Structural equations approach”Trpkova nestorovska, Marija 2009Article
EJIM50602_Skerlavaj et al.pdf.jpg“The organizational learning culture and organizational performance in Macedonian companies”Trpkova nestorovska, Marija ; Tevdovski, Dragan ; Kekenovski, LJubomir ; Cerne, Matej; Dimovski, Vlado; Škerlavaj, Miha2011Article
Socio-economic determinants of social spending in the EU.pdf.jpgSocio-economic Determinants of Social Spending in the EUTashevska, Biljana ; Trpkova nestorovska, Marija ; Trenovski, Borche Jun-2019Journal Article
137-Article Text-505-2-10-20190907.pdf.jpgSOCIO-ECONOMIC DETERMINANTS OF SOCIAL SPENDING IN THE EUTashevska, Biljana ; Trpkova-Nestorovska, Marija ; Trenovski, Borce 2019
201103201500_03_BEH_Vol4_MACEDONIA_Debarliev_and_Trpkova_Strategic_Planning_inTransition (1).pdf.jpgStrategic planning practice in transition economies: Empirical evidence from the Macedonian contextDebarliev, Stojan ; Trpkova-Nestorovska, Marija 14-Jan-2011Journal Article
marija_trpkova__dragan_tevdovski___twostep_cluster_analysis___segmentation_of_largest_companies_in_macedonia.pdf.jpg“Twostep cluster analysis: Segmentation of the largest companies in Macedonia”Trpkova nestorovska, Marija ; Tevdovski, Dragan 2009Proceeding article
Вовед во анализата на временските серииРистески, Славе ; Тевдовски, Драган ; Трпкова несторовска, Марија 2012Article
Демографија-методи и анализаРистески, Славе ; Трпкова несторовска, Марија 2014Book
2 Apstrakt.pdf.jpg„Примена на векторските авторегресивни модели во макроекономското моделирање“Трпкова несторовска, Марија 2014Thesis