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Makrevska disoska, Elena
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1Optimum.pdf.jpgANALYSIS OF THE IMPACT OF ECONOMIC FACTORS UPON THE FDI INFLOW IN SEE AND CEE COUNTRIESMakrevska disoska, Elena ; Toshevska trpchevska, Katerina ; Kikerkova, Irena ; Naumovska, Elena 25-Dec-2019Journal Article
2p20.pdf.jpgCEFTA-2006 towards creation of a regional economic areaKikerkova, Irena ; Toshevska trpchevska, Katerina ; Makrevska disoska, Elena 2018Journal Article
3296-Article Text-769-1-10-20171003.pdf.jpgCompetitiveness of the European Union: Pre-crisis Trends and Impact of the Financial CrisisMakrevska disoska, Elena ; Nenovski Tome2014Journal Article
4JEI_31_2_326_352_2013600099.pdf.jpgDebt or Wage-led Growth: the European IntegrationMakrevska disoska, Elena ; Toshevska trpchevska, KaterinaJun-2016Journal Article
6Evidence of innovation performance in the period of economic recovery in EuropeMakrevska disoska, Elena ; Tevdovski, Dragan ; Toshevska trpchevska, Katerina ; Stojkoski, Viktor2018Journal Article
7Factors affecting current account in the Republic of MacedoniaMakrevska disoska, Elena ; Trpkova nestorovska, Marija 2015Journal Article
8Human Freedom and Economic Prosperity: Evidence from Eastern EuropeMakrevska disoska, Elena ; Katerina Shapkova Kocevska2019Journal Article
9The Impact of a Crisis on the Innovation Systems in Europe: Evidence from the CIS10 Innovation SurveyToshevska trpchevska, Katerina ; Makrevska disoska, Elena ; Tevdovski, Dragan ; Stojkoski, Viktor2019Article
10Economic studies 1-2015 Bugaria.pdf.jpgInfluence of the Euro Crisis on the Prospects of the European Single MarketMakrevska disoska, Elena Jan-2015Journal Article
11document.pdf.jpgInfluence of Trade and Institutions on Economic Growth in Transitional Economies: Evidences from Countries from Central and Eastern Europe and Western BalkansKocevska shapkova, Katerina; Makrevska disoska, Elena 2017Journal Article
12Innovation performance of European SMEs: determined by regional or firm specific factors?Makrevska disoska, Elena ; Toshevska trpchevska, Katerina Sep-2019Journal Article
132082-1497354797.pdf.jpgIntegration in the European Union as a double-edge sword for the Western BalkansMakrevska disoska, Elena 2017Journal Article
14Panel data analysis.pdf.jpgPanel data analysis of the impact of economic and institutional factors upon the FDI inflow in SEE countriesMakrevska disoska, Elena ; Toshevska trpchevska, Katerina ; Kikerkova, Irena ; Naumovska, Elena 2018Journal Article
15[22280596 - Baltic Journal of European Studies] Re-shaping the Model of Economic Growth of the CEE Countries.pdf.jpgRe-shaping the Model of Economic Growth of the CEE CountriesMakrevska disoska, Elena 2016Journal Article
16Regional potential of CEFTA-2006 and its future challengesMakrevska disoska, Elena ; Tome Nenovski2014Journal Article
17Рад-21.pdf.jpgValue chain analysis in the Republic of MacedoniaMakrevska disoska, Elena 2017Journal Article
1802 Kikerkova.pdf.jpgVector Error Correction Model on FDI and their Impact in the Republic of MacedoniaKikerkova, Irena ; Naumovska, Elena ; Toshevska trpchevska, Katerina ; Makrevska disoska, Elena 2018Journal Article
19What is the role of innovation in productivity growth in Central and Eastern European countries?Tevdovski, Dragan ; Toshevska trpchevska, Katerina ; Makrevska disoska, Elena 2017Journal Article
20Ефекти од формирање на Внатрешниот пазар на ЕУMakrevska disoska, Elena 2016Article