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02a DONEV eng.pdf.jpg12 тези за разбирање на Свети Климентовата етикаДонев, Дејан 2018Journal Article
Medijska_kultura_004-2013_.pdf.pdf.jpgAnaliza medijske koncentracije i scene u republici MakedonijiDonev, Dejan 2013Journal Article
Between Ego(centr)ism and Cooperation: Would People Become Moraly Diseangaged or More Altruistic After the Covid-19 Pandemic?Фрицханд, Ана ; Донев, Дејан 2020Book chapter
Trivent 2018.pdf.jpg(Bio)ethical Education for Young People in MacedoniaDonev, Dejan 2018Book chapter
Cambridge.pdf.jpgBioethical Aspects of the Question of “Good” Death (Euthanasia) in Contemporary WorldDonev, Dejan 2014Book chapter
Bioethics and Education 2014.pdf.jpgThe Bioethical contents in ethical lessons for childrenDonev, Dejan 2014Proceeding article
Alcoholism and Other Addictions.pdf.jpgBioethics and Addiction: The Problem of Alcoholism and BioethicsDonev, Dejan ; Kaluđerović, Željko2017Proceeding article
Studies on Disasters, Donev print.pdf.jpgThe changing of bioethical conscience - Precondition for permanent global peace and sustainable developmentDonev, Dejan 2013Book chapter
A comparative study of philosophical courses syllabi in Macedonian and Croatian high schoolsDјeparoski, Ivan ; Dimishkovska, Ana ; Donev, Dejan ; Popovska, Jasmina ; Todorovska, Marija 2019Journal Article
Susret kultura.pdf.jpgThe concept of Universal ethics as a new general moral reality and the basis for a people’s cultureDonev, Dejan 2014Proceeding article
Čekajući Godota čitanjaDonev, Dejan ; Dimitriev, Aleksandar2008Journal Article
SYN_63_11_Donev engl..pdf.jpgDetermining Media Ethics in Traditional Media: Terminological IssuesDonev, Dejan 2017Journal Article
JAHR 1-2010.pdf.jpgThe development of bioethical consciousness in Macedonia: the absence of legislative dismissals and its consequencesDonev, Dejan 2010Journal Article
10. Dejan Donev.pdf.jpgEcocentrism or the Attempt to Leave AntropocentricityDonev, Dejan 2019Book chapter
The work of St. Cyril and Methodius.pdf.jpgEnlightenment of St.'s Cyril and Methodius as cultural and ethical taskDonev, Dejan 2015Book chapter
07Donev_63_71.pdf.jpgEthical Approaches in Research PracticeDonev, Dejan 2015Journal Article
Social media.pdf.jpgEthical dilemmas in social mediaDonev, Dejan 2011Proceeding article
Drugiot.pdf.jpgEthical dimensions of (journalistic) representations and reporting of The otherDonev, Dejan 2011Proceeding article
Dejan Donev.pdf.jpgEthics of (Palliative) Care and the Question of EuthanasiaDonev, Dejan ; Kaluđerović, Željko2014Proceeding article
MEDIJI I KOMUNIKACIJE  - BROJ 5.pdf.jpgEtičke dileme u novim medijimaDonev, Dejan ; Kaluđerović, Željko2016Journal Article