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Title: A comparative study of philosophical courses syllabi in Macedonian and Croatian high schools
Authors: Dјeparoski, Ivan 
Dimishkovska, Ana 
Donev, Dejan 
Popovska, Jasmina 
Todorovska, Marija 
Keywords: high school, syllabi, philosophy, Macedonia, Croatia
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Faculty of Philosophy, Skopje
Source: Dzeparoski, I., Dimishkovska, A., Donev, D., Popovska, J., Todorovska, M., “A comparative study of philosophical courses in Macedonian and Croatian high schools”, IJERT 5 (2020), 1, 9-20.
Project: Theoretical and practical update of the syllabi for the philosophical subjects (philosophy, ethics, logic, aesthetics) for high-schools
Journal: International Journal of Education, Research and Training
Abstract: This paper outlines the general information about the subjects, the goals of the subjects, and the specifics of the contents in the subjects Philosophy, Ethics, Logic, and Aesthetics in the Republic of Macedonia and in the Republic of Croatia, in an attempt to provide a preliminary overview of the similarities and differences in the approaches to teaching these subjects. The program of the Republic of Croatia was selected for this review because of the positioning of the subjects within the high school curriculum, similar to the one in Macedonia (with a significant difference in the inclusion and representation of Ethics), as well as the general impression that these syllabi are most adapted to contemporary issues, and are the most context-sensitive.
ISSN: 1857-9841
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