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Full Name
Todorovska, Marija
Vernacular Name
Марија Тодоровска
Тодоровска, Марија
Todorovska, M.
Тодоровска, М.
Main Affiliation
Working groups
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PreviewTitleAuthor(s)Issue DateType
105. 05. Being Beyond Words some Apophatic Approaches before Plotinus_Zbornik SCA.pdf.jpgBeing beyond Words: Some Apophatic Approaches before PlotinusTodorovska, Marija 2017Proceeding article
204. 09. Bioethics education integrative sense and bioethical sensibilty_IJERT.pdf.jpgBioethics Education: Integrative Sense and Bioethical SensibilityTodorovska, Marija 2017Journal Article
305. 04. Bioethics Education_St Clement Education_Zbornik Sv Kliment konferencija.pdf.jpgBioethics Education: Learning Perspectives and MultidisciplinarityTodorovska, Marija 2017Proceeding article
405. 14. Perception of Disability_Derzavin Zbornik_Bioethics on Crossroads conference_todorovska.pdf.jpgA Brief Overview of the Perception of DisabilityTodorovska, Marija 2019Proceeding article
5The Collection of Sacred Books According to the Fourth (Third) Book of EzraGjorgjevski, Gjoko; Todorovska, Marija 2020Journal Article
6A comparative study of philosophical courses syllabi in Macedonian and Croatian high schoolsDјeparoski, Ivan ; Dimishkovska, Ana ; Donev, Dejan ; Popovska, Jasmina ; Todorovska, Marija 2019Journal Article
704. 07. The Concepts of the Logos in Philo of Alexandria Clement of Alexandria and Origen_Systasis.pdf.jpgThe Concept of the Logos in Philo of Alexandria, Clement of Alexandria, and OrigenTodorovska, Marija 2016Journal Article
865.1-2.05. Todorovska, M. - The Concepts of the logos in Philo of Alexandria.pdf.jpgThe Concepts of the Logos in Philo of AlexandriaTodorovska, Marija 2015Journal Article
905. 11. The (im)possibility to forgive_St Clement of Ohrid conference_Book of Proceedings.pdf.jpgThe (im)possibility to forgive - some aspects of forgiveness and ressentimentTodorovska, Marija 2018Proceeding article
1005. 15. Impairment and Disability_Proceedings Bioethics A Sign of a New Era_todorovska.pdf.jpgImpairment and Disability: Concepts and ModelsTodorovska, Marija 2019Proceeding article
1104. 16. jahr interpretation implementation unesco_todorovska.pdf.jpgInterpretation and Implementation of UNESCO’s ‘Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights’Todorovska, Marija 2010Journal Article
1204. 10. Voved vo nekoi aspekti od konceptot na inkarnirano zlo_Zbornik FZF mk en.pdf.jpgKраток вовед во некои аспекти на потеклото на ’инкарнирано зло’Тодоровска, Марија 2017Journal Article
1304. 11. Nepriopcivost numinoznog u teorii Rudolfa Ottoa_todorovska_Logos.pdf.jpgNepriopćivost numinoznog u teorii Rudolfa OttoaTodorovska, Marija 2015Journal Article
1404. 17. jahr point purpose of sports_todorovska.pdf.jpgThe Point and Purpose of Sport – a Few ConsiderationsTodorovska, Marija 2011Journal Article
1505.13. Public Health Issues and Perspectives_South-East European Bioethics Forum 2010_todorovska.pdf.jpgPublic Health Issues and Perspectives – Between Science, Politics and BioethicsTodorovska, Marija 2012Proceeding article
1606. 01. Prikaz Religion in Utopia_Nakladalova_Ziva antika.pdf.jpg[review] Religion in Utopia. From More to the EnlightenmentTodorovska, Marija 2012Article
1706. 02. Jahr Osnovanjeto na evropskata bioetika_prikaz na kniga_Filozofska tribina.pdf.jpg[review] Раѓањето на европската биоетикаТодоровска, Марија 2014Article
1804. 18. scapegoat_Kontekst Journal_ article_todorovska.pdf.jpgThe Scapegoat: Ritual, Mechanism, SignificanceTodorovska, Marija 2017Journal Article
1905. 12. Souls for Sale_On the Soul Zbornik.pdf.jpgSouls for Sale: an Introduction to the Motif of Bargaining with the Dark SideTodorovska, Marija 2018Proceeding article
2005. 08. Witch of Endor_gjorgjevski_todorovska.pdf.jpgThe Story About the Witch of Endor in the Writings of the Early Church FathersGjorgjevski, Gjoko; Todorovska, Marija 2016Proceeding article