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Full Name
Todorovska, Marija
Vernacular Name
Марија Тодоровска
Тодоровска, Марија
Todorovska, M.
Тодоровска, М.
Main Affiliation
Working groups
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PreviewTitleAuthor(s)Issue DateType
105. 05. Being Beyond Words some Apophatic Approaches before Plotinus_Zbornik SCA.pdf.jpgBeing beyond Words: Some Apophatic Approaches before PlotinusTodorovska, Marija 2017Proceeding article
204. 09. Bioethics education integrative sense and bioethical sensibilty_IJERT.pdf.jpgBioethics Education: Integrative Sense and Bioethical SensibilityTodorovska, Marija 2017Journal Article
305. 04. Bioethics Education_St Clement Education_Zbornik Sv Kliment konferencija.pdf.jpgBioethics Education: Learning Perspectives and MultidisciplinarityTodorovska, Marija 2017Proceeding article
405. 14. Perception of Disability_Derzavin Zbornik_Bioethics on Crossroads conference_todorovska.pdf.jpgA Brief Overview of the Perception of DisabilityTodorovska, Marija 2019Proceeding article
5The Collection of Sacred Books According to the Fourth (Third) Book of EzraGjorgjevski, Gjoko; Todorovska, Marija 2020Journal Article
6A comparative study of philosophical courses syllabi in Macedonian and Croatian high schoolsDјeparoski, Ivan ; Dimishkovska, Ana ; Donev, Dejan ; Popovska, Jasmina ; Todorovska, Marija 2019Journal Article
704. 07. The Concepts of the Logos in Philo of Alexandria Clement of Alexandria and Origen_Systasis.pdf.jpgThe Concept of the Logos in Philo of Alexandria, Clement of Alexandria, and OrigenTodorovska, Marija 2016Journal Article
865.1-2.05. Todorovska, M. - The Concepts of the logos in Philo of Alexandria.pdf.jpgThe Concepts of the Logos in Philo of AlexandriaTodorovska, Marija 2015Journal Article
9The Doctrine of the Gods in Numenius’ OntologyTodorovska, Marija 2020Journal Article
1005. 11. The (im)possibility to forgive_St Clement of Ohrid conference_Book of Proceedings.pdf.jpgThe (im)possibility to forgive - some aspects of forgiveness and ressentimentTodorovska, Marija 2018Proceeding article
1105. 15. Impairment and Disability_Proceedings Bioethics A Sign of a New Era_todorovska.pdf.jpgImpairment and Disability: Concepts and ModelsTodorovska, Marija 2019Proceeding article
1204. 16. jahr interpretation implementation unesco_todorovska.pdf.jpgInterpretation and Implementation of UNESCO’s ‘Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights’Todorovska, Marija 2010Journal Article
1304. 10. Voved vo nekoi aspekti od konceptot na inkarnirano zlo_Zbornik FZF mk en.pdf.jpgKраток вовед во некои аспекти на потеклото на ’инкарнирано зло’Тодоровска, Марија 2017Journal Article
1404. 11. Nepriopcivost numinoznog u teorii Rudolfa Ottoa_todorovska_Logos.pdf.jpgNepriopćivost numinoznog u teorii Rudolfa OttoaTodorovska, Marija 2015Journal Article
1504. 17. jahr point purpose of sports_todorovska.pdf.jpgThe Point and Purpose of Sport – a Few ConsiderationsTodorovska, Marija 2011Journal Article
1605.13. Public Health Issues and Perspectives_South-East European Bioethics Forum 2010_todorovska.pdf.jpgPublic Health Issues and Perspectives – Between Science, Politics and BioethicsTodorovska, Marija 2012Proceeding article
1706. 01. Prikaz Religion in Utopia_Nakladalova_Ziva antika.pdf.jpg[review] Religion in Utopia. From More to the EnlightenmentTodorovska, Marija 2012Article
1806. 02. Jahr Osnovanjeto na evropskata bioetika_prikaz na kniga_Filozofska tribina.pdf.jpg[review] Раѓањето на европската биоетикаТодоровска, Марија 2014Article
1904. 18. scapegoat_Kontekst Journal_ article_todorovska.pdf.jpgThe Scapegoat: Ritual, Mechanism, SignificanceTodorovska, Marija 2017Journal Article
2005. 12. Souls for Sale_On the Soul Zbornik.pdf.jpgSouls for Sale: an Introduction to the Motif of Bargaining with the Dark SideTodorovska, Marija 2018Proceeding article