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Title: Bioethics and Addiction: The Problem of Alcoholism and Bioethics
Authors: Donev, Dejan 
Kaluđerović, Željko
Keywords: bioethics, addiction, alcoholism, reasonableness, temperance
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Accent, Cluj-Napoca
Source: Donev D. & Kaluđerović Ž. Bioethics and Addiction: The Problem of Alcoholism and Bioethics. In: "Alcoholism and Other Addictions - Multidisciplinary Perspectives". Accent. Cluj-Napoca, 2017: 140-150
Conference: "Alcoholism and other addictions: Historical and social issues"- четврта меѓународна конференција во организација на University “1 Decembrie 1918” of Alba Julia, National Unification Museum and Romanian Substance Abuse and Addiction Coalition, 15-17 ноември 2012, Алба Јулија, Романија
Abstract: Because bioethics is a morality, a science and a skill of retaining and developing anykind of life, one of its main topics and tasks today are the addictions, which are becoming a major threat to the individual and are amongst the strongest violators of life, its meaning and essence, and its real perform. Therefore, today there is a big debate about addictions, because people easily and mass become victims of addictions. Addiction is a state of unstoppable human need of something to which it strives with all his soul and makes all possible actions to satisfy the desire. There are many types of addiction - from agents that awake wishes to something, agents that cause addiction from persons, to owning and acting, various defects and bigotry… One of the most widespread today, according to the cultural and social milieu, is certainly a dependence on alcohol. Even treatment is possible, especially today when the medicine, ethics and psychology have great knowledge, still bioethics necessarily addresses the problem of addiction and insists on overcoming them. Although they are health problem, the best method is ethical - reasonableness and genuine virtue is temperance, moderation. Prior to addiction, until its end, the most important norms are man not to succumb to her challenge and influence, to preserve its freedom of the will, to consider before commencing addiction actions.
ISBN: 978-606-561-183-2
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