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Labor market supply vs. Demand characteristics in the northeastern planning region of MacedoniaTrenovski, Borce ; Andonova, Garvanlieva, Vesna; Nikolov, Marjan; Dimovska, Gabriela; Mitevski, Igor2016Journal Article
EBM2016 Proceedings.pdf.jpgLabor productivity and economic growth in selected SEE countries after the Great Recession of 2008Trpeski, Predrag ; Cvetanoska, Marijana 2016Proceeding article
European Scientific Journal 2016.pdf.jpgLabor Productivity And Real Wages In Macedonia: An Overview Before And After The Global Economic CrisisTrpeski, Predrag ; Eftimov, LJupcho ; Cvetanoska, Marijana 2016Article
Proceedings Jahorina Business Forum. Jahorina, 2017.pdf.jpgLabour market outcomes in selected South Eastern European Countries in a process of accession to the European UnionTrpeski, Predrag Feb-2017Proceeding article
Labour markets in terms of the fourth industrial revolutionTrenovski, Borce ; Trpkova-nestorovska, Marija ; Merdjan, Gjunter; Kozheski, Kristijan2020Journal Article
Labour markets in terms of the fourth industrial revolutionTrenovski, Borce ; Trpkova-nestorovska, Marija ; Gjunter, Merdjan; Kozheski, KristijanOct-2019Proceeding article
LABOR PRODUCTIVITY AND WAGES IN THE REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA.pdf.jpgLabour productivity and wages in the Republic of MacedoniaTrpeski, Predrag ; Tashevska, Biljana 2009Journal Article
LABOUR TAX WEDGE IN THE REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA - TRENDS AND INTERNATIONAL COMPARISON.pdf.jpgLabour Tax Wedge in the Republic of Macedonia - Trends and International ComparisonTrpeski, Predrag ; Tashevska, Biljana 2012Journal Article
Learning organisation review – a “good” theory perspectiveSanta, Mijalche 13-Jul-2015Journal Article
Learning organization modelling patternsSanta, Mijalche ; Nurcan, SelminFeb-2016Journal Article
IJBG220401TRENOVSKI_206337.pdf.jpgLessons learned from the global recession - redesigned framework of key macroeconomic policiesTrenovski, Borce ; Tashevska, Biljana 2019Journal Article
printedversion-IJPP1203-0606BORCE1.pdf.jpgThe level of fiscal transparency and accountability of budget users – evidence from MacedoniaLevkov, Nikola Oct-2016Article
“Life expectancy at birth in Southeastern Europe: Applied cointegrated panel regression”Trpkova nestorovska, Marija 2015Article
THE LINK BETWEEN PRODUCTIVITY AND LABOUR SHARE – THE CASE OF NORTH MACEDONIA AND SLOVENIATrenovski, Borche ; Kozheski, Kristijan; Merdzan, Gunter14-Nov-2020Proceeding article
Literature survey on DEA in the insurance industry with a focus on identification of research hotspots with text miningCvetkoska, Violeta ; Ivanovski, Igor ; Tasheva, Marija2021Journal Article
"Long run relationship between imports and exports in Republic of Macedonia: Applied cointegration and error correction model”Trpkova nestorovska, Marija 2013Article
Macroeconomic shocks asymmetry: SEE as an optimal currency areaGockov, GJorgji ; Jovanovski, Kiril 2013Journal Article
Proceeding of the Faculty of economics in East Sarajevo 2018.pdf.jpgMain determinants of youth labour market in selected SEE countries and the case of MacedoniaTrpeski, Predrag ; Cvetanoska, Marijana 2018Article
Maintaining a Hybrid Regime: The Case of MacedoniaTaleski, Dane; Tevdovski, Dragan ; Panov, Trajche; Dimovski, Viktor2016Article