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Бариери во инклузивното образование-converted.pdf.jpgBarriers in inclusive education in the Republic of MacedoniaChichevska Jovanova, Natasha ; Dimitrova Radojichikj, Daniela 2014Proceeding article
05. 05. Being Beyond Words some Apophatic Approaches before Plotinus_Zbornik SCA.pdf.jpgBeing beyond Words: Some Apophatic Approaches before PlotinusTodorovska, Marija 2017Proceeding article
Belina "Darovnica" Hvaranima je falzifikatAntoljak, Stjepan 1956Journal Article
Ben Jonson i oblikovanje rugobeJurkikj Shunjikj, Mira 1962Journal Article
The Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works: Protection and the Public Interest in Scientific WorkKlimoska, Katerina 2020Proceeding article
Between Ego(centr)ism and Cooperation: Would People Become Moraly Diseangaged or More Altruistic After the Covid-19 Pandemic?Фрицханд, Ана ; Донев, Дејан 2020Book chapter
Between Past and Future: Civil-Military Relations in the Post-Communist BalkansVankovska, Biljana ; Wiberg, Hakan2003Book
Trivent 2018.pdf.jpg(Bio)ethical Education for Young People in MacedoniaDonev, Dejan 2018Book chapter
Cambridge.pdf.jpgBioethical Aspects of the Question of “Good” Death (Euthanasia) in Contemporary WorldDonev, Dejan 2014Book chapter
Bioethics and Education 2014.pdf.jpgThe Bioethical contents in ethical lessons for childrenDonev, Dejan 2014Proceeding article
Alcoholism and Other Addictions.pdf.jpgBioethics and Addiction: The Problem of Alcoholism and BioethicsDonev, Dejan ; Kaluđerović, Željko2017Proceeding article
04. 09. Bioethics education integrative sense and bioethical sensibilty_IJERT.pdf.jpgBioethics Education: Integrative Sense and Bioethical SensibilityTodorovska, Marija 2017Journal Article
05. 04. Bioethics Education_St Clement Education_Zbornik Sv Kliment konferencija.pdf.jpgBioethics Education: Learning Perspectives and MultidisciplinarityTodorovska, Marija 2017Proceeding article
Biography of Professor Viktor Lilčić AdamsJakimovski, Antonio 2018Journal Article
Biomedicinski tretman autizma-Rijeka-oktom-2006.pdf.jpgBiomedicinski tretman autizmaTrajkovski, Vladimir 2006Proceeding article
Blindness and autism spectrum disordersDimitrova Radojichikj, D. 2020Journal Article
Body-Part Terms and Emotions: Latin pectus in Ovid’s PoetryKochovska-Stevovikj, Svetlana 2019Proceeding article
Boundary Flexibility and Transitions Over The Work and Family Domains: Gender and Cross-cultural DifferencesBlazhevska Stoilkovska, Biljana ; Zaharia, Daniela; Chudzicka, Agata; Shurbanovska, Orhideja ; Frichand, Ana 2016Proceeding article
05. 14. Perception of Disability_Derzavin Zbornik_Bioethics on Crossroads conference_todorovska.pdf.jpgA Brief Overview of the Perception of DisabilityTodorovska, Marija 2019Proceeding article
Bulgarian passports: existential necessity or identity crisis?Avirovikj, Irena 2015Journal Article