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Full Name
Jovanovski, Dalibor
Vernacular Name
Далибор Јовановски
Јовановски, Далибор
Jovanovski, D.
Јовановски, Д.
Main Affiliation
Working groups
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PreviewTitleAuthor(s)Issue DateType
1Balkanization - Invention and MisusingJovanovski, Dalibor 2021Proceeding article
2Charilaos Trikoupis and the Reformation of GreeceJovanovski, Dalibor ; Minov, Nikola 2020Journal Article
3Der Besuch von Charilaos Trikoupis der Balkan Residenzstädte im Jahre 1891Jovanovski, Dalibor 2010Journal Article
4Friendly competition – Greek-Serbian relations and Ottoman Macedonia in the Eighties of the 19th centuryJovanovski, Dalibor 2019Journal Article
5The Great Powers and the Creation of the Balkan States in 19th CenturyJovanovski, Dalibor 2008Journal Article
6High Education in the Balkans and the Inclusion of WomenJovanovski, Dalibor ; Simonovska, Suzana 2016Journal Article
7The Intellectual and War - The Activities of Lyubomir Miletich during WWIJovanovski, Dalibor 2018Proceeding article
8Minov, N. Ioannis Kolettis.pdf.jpgIoannis Kolettis. The Vlach from the ruling elite of GreeceMinov, Nikola ; Jovanovski, Dalibor 2017Journal Article
9The Numbers and the Policy: Greek Statistics on Ottoman Macedonia in the 19th centuryJovanovski, Dalibor 2011Journal Article
10Personal Impressions from the Salonika Front during the Great WarJovanovski, Dalibor 2018Proceeding article
11The Post-War Re-Education of the Germans – American and British ReflectionsJovanovski, Dalibor 2023Journal Article
12Shared Histories, Personalities, Traditions. European ExamplesJovanovski, Dalibor 2018Journal Article
13The Slow Discovery of the MacedoniansJovanovski, Dalibor 2020Journal Article
14The Slow Discovery of the MacedoniansJovanovski, Dalibor 2020Journal Article
15The Spanish Flu Pandemic - a Lesson not LearnedJovanovski, Dalibor 2021Journal Article
16The Speech of Ioannis Kolettis and the Emergence of the Greek “Great Idea”Jovanovski, Dalibor 2022Journal Article
172016 Textbook truths and political dilemmas.pdf.jpg‘Textbook truths’ and political dilemmas: The image of Ancient Macedonia in 19th century Greek historiographySarakinski, Vojislav ; Jovanovski, Dalibor 2016Journal Article
18Акција на атинскиот силогос за поддршка на барањата за територијално проширување на Грција пред почетокот на Берлинскиот конгресЈовановски, Далибор 2000Journal Article
19Бавното откривање на МакедонцитеЈовановски, Далибор 2020Journal Article
20Британски документ за грчко-бугарските односи во втората половина на XIX векЈовановски, Далибор 2002Journal Article