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Full Name
Sarakinski, Vojislav
Vernacular Name
Војислав Саракински
Саракински, Војислав
Sarakinski, V.
Саракински, В.
Main Affiliation
Working groups
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1Comfortably_Sunk_Philip_the_Battle_of_Ch.pdf.jpgComfortably Sunk: Philip, the Battle of Chios and the list of losses in PolybiusСаракински, Војислав ; Panovski, Stefan 2017Journal Article
22010 The Fallacy of the European Satrapy.pdf.jpgThe Fallacy of the European SatrapySarakinski, Vojislav 2010Journal Article
32019 Filipe de Anfaxitide, as cidades da Macedônia Antiga e as incertezas sobre o modelo poliade.pdf.jpgFilipe de Anfaxitide, as cidades da Macedônia Antiga e as incertezas sobre o modelo poliadeSarakinski, Vojislav 2019Journal Article
4Football in Ottoman MacedoniaMinov, Nikola ; Sarakinski, Vojislav 2021Journal Article
5Sarakinski, V. & Panovski, P. - How to Etch a Philhellene. Alexander I, Herodotus and historiography as a tool.pdf.jpgHow to Etch a Philhellene: Alexander I, Herodotus and historiography as a toolSarakinski, Vojislav ; Panovski, Stefan 2019Journal Article
62008 Inter fugae pugnaeque consilium.pdf.jpgInter fugae pugnaeque consilium: Античката историја како вонтекстуален клуч во наставата по латински јазикСаракински, Војислав 2008Proceeding article
72019 The many nationalities of Hristofor Žefarović.pdf.jpgThe many nationalities of Hristofor ŽefarovićGjorgјiev, Vancho ; Sarakinski, Vojislav 2019Journal Article
82011 Memnon, the strategist.pdf.jpgMemnon, the StrategistSarakinski, Vojislav ; Panovski, Stefan 2011Journal Article
92018 Migrants et réfugiés dans le monde Mycenéen. Les sources écrites.pdf.jpgMigrants et réfugiés dans le monde Mycenéen? Les sources écritesDuev, Ratko ; Sarakinski, Vojislav 2018Journal Article
102014 Musings on the facts and purpose of Rhaikelos.pdf.jpgMusings on the Facts and Purpose of RhaikelosSarakinski, Vojislav 2014Journal Article
112011 Notes on the dissarray in Thessaly.pdf.jpgNotes on the Disarray in ThessalySarakinski, Vojislav 2011Journal Article
122010 Peliganes. The state of the question and some other thoughts.pdf.jpgPeliganes: the State of the Question and Some Other ThoughtsSarakinski, Vojislav 2010Journal Article
13[review] Ashk P. Dahlén (ed.), Achaemenid Anatolia: Persian presence and impact in the western satrapies 546–330 BCSarakinski, Vojislav 2020Article
14[review] Danielle Berranger-Auserve (ed.) - Epire, Illyrie, Macedoine.pdf.jpg[review] Daniele Berranger-Auserve (ed.), Epire, Illyrie, Macedoine... Melanges offerts au professeur Pierre Cabanes. CRCA: Collection ERGA, Recherches sur l’antiquité 10, Clermont-Ferrand, 2007, pp. 414.Саракински, Војислав 2010Article
15[review] Muillez D. & Bonias, Z. (eds.) - Thasos. Métropole et colonies.pdf.jpg[review] Dominique Muillez et Zissis Bonias (eds.). Thasos. Métropole et colonies. Actes du symposion international à la mémoire de Marina SgourouSarakinski, Vojislav 2018Article
16[review] Olivier Picard et al. - Royaumes et cités hellenistiques de 323 à 55 av. J-C..pdf.jpg[review] Olivier Picard et al., Royaumes et cités hellenistiques de 323 à 55 av. J.-C. SEDES, 2003.Саракински, Војислав 2003Article
17[review] P. Cabanes et J.-L. Lamboley (eds.) - L 'Illyrie méridionale et l’Épire dans l'antiquité.pdf.jpg[review] Pierre Cabanes et Jean-Luc Lamboley (eds.), L’Illyrie méridionale et l’Épire dans l’antiquité. Actes du IVe colloque international de Grenoble (10-12 octobre 2002), De Boccard, 2004.Саракински, Војислав 2004Article
18[review] A. Angelopoulou - O Misirkof kai i kinisi ton makedoniston.pdf.jpg[review] Άννα Αγγελοπούλου, Ο Κ. Π. Μίσιρκοφ (1874-1926) καί η κίνηση των «μακεδονιστών»Саракински, Војислав 2005Article
192017 Sur quelques problemes de la toponymie Macedonienne.pdf.jpgSur quelques problèmes de la toponymie macédonienneSarakinski, Vojislav ; Gjorgiev, Vancho2017Journal Article
202016 Textbook truths and political dilemmas.pdf.jpg‘Textbook truths’ and political dilemmas: The image of Ancient Macedonia in 19th century Greek historiographySarakinski, Vojislav ; Jovanovski, Dalibor 2016Journal Article