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Full Name
Duev, Ratko
Vernacular Name
Ратко Дуев
Дуев, Ратко
Duev, R.
Дуев, Р.
Main Affiliation
Working groups
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PreviewTitleAuthor(s)Issue DateType
1Duev, R., Diwija and Hera in The Linear B Texts.pdf.jpgdi-wi-ja and e-ra in the Linear B textsDuev, Ratko 2012Proceeding article
2The Family of Zeus in Early Greek Poetry and MythsDuev, Ratko 2019Journal Article
3Duev, R., Gusla - the origin and beyond.pdf.jpgGusla: the origin and beyondDuev, Ratko 2011Journal Article
4Duev, R., Hermaphroditus - the other face of Hermes.pdf.jpgHermaphroditus: the Other Face of HermesДуев, Ратко 2006Journal Article
5Duev, R., Homer and the South-Slavic Epic Singers.pdf.jpgHomer and the South-Slavic Epic SingersDuev, Ratko 2006Journal Article
62018 Migrants et réfugiés dans le monde Mycenéen. Les sources écrites.pdf.jpgMigrants et réfugiés dans le monde Mycenéen? Les sources écritesDuev, Ratko ; Sarakinski, Vojislav 2018Journal Article
7Duev, R., Organon Eng.pdf.jpgOrganon – tracing the name of an unknown musical instrument in the BibleDuev, Ratko 2019Journal Article
8Duev, R. The Religion of 'Old Europe' and the Problem of the Later Development of the Cult of the Sky God.pdf.jpgThe Religion of ‘Old Europe’ and the Problem of the Later Development of the Cult of the Sky GodDuev, Ratko 2016Journal Article
9Duev, R.., Some thoughts on the indo-european supreme god.pdf.jpgSome Thoughts on Indo-European Supreme GodDuev, Ratko 2019Journal Article
10Duev, R., Tu-qa-no - tympanon.pdf.jpg*tu-qa-no? – tympanonDuev, Ratko 2002Journal Article
11Written evidence for the Minoan god from DicteDuev, Ratko 2017Journal Article
12Duev, R., Zeus and Dionysus in the Light of Linear B records.pdf.jpgZeus and Dionysus in the Light of Linear B RecordsDuev, Ratko 2008Journal Article
13Duev, R., Auloi.pdf.jpgАвлоси (au–ro? – auloi) во Микенскиот светДуев, Ратко 2003Journal Article
14Duev, R., Epski pejaci vo mikenskiot svet.pdf.jpgЕпски пејачи во микенскиот свет?Дуев, Ратко 2006Journal Article
15Duev, R., Za mikenskata lira.pdf.jpgЗа микенската лираDuev, Ratko 2003Journal Article
162005 Za transkripcijata.pdf.jpgЗа транскрипцијата на старогрчките антропоними и топоними на македонски јазикСаракински, Војислав ; Дуев, Ратко 2006Proceeding article
17Duev, R., Mitot za Evropa.pdf.jpgМитот за Европа – во потрага по изгубениот идентитетДуев, Ратко 2010Proceeding article
18Duev, R., Muzikata kaj Homer.pdf.jpgМузиката кај ХомерДуев, Ратко 2004Journal Article
19Duev, R., Some thoughts on myc. pa-si-te-o-i.pdf.jpgНекои размислувања за мик. pa-si-te-o-i, 'на сите богови'Дуев, Ратко 2012Proceeding article
20Платоновиот мит за пештерата: над алегоријаДуев, Ратко 2019Journal Article