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Full Name
Vankovska, Biljana
Vernacular Name
Билјана Ванковска
Ванковска, Билјана
Vankovska, B.
Ванковска, Б.
Main Affiliation
Personal Site
Researcher ID
PhD in Law, Law Faculty, Ss. Cyril and Methodius University
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1Can Solidarity Globalize? Utopia is PossibleVankovska, Biljana 2021Journal Article
2The Chimera of Colorful Revolution in Macedonia: Collective Action in the European PeripheryVankovska, Biljana 2020Journal Article
3The Cold War II: Just Another Misnomer?Vankovska, Biljana 2014Journal Article
4Constitutions Octroyées And International State-Building: The Macedonian Case in FocusVankovska, Biljana Jan-2023Article
5COVID-19 and the Macedonian Elections 2020/2021: A Story of Double StandardsVankovska, Biljana Nov-2022Journal Article
6Dealing with COVID-19 in the European periphery: between securitization and “gaslighting”Vankovska, Biljana 2020Journal Article
7Društveni ugovor u kontekstu međunarodne izgradnje države na Balkanu: slučaj MakedonijeVankovska, Biljana Sep-2022Article
8The Echo of the Ukrainian Crisis in MacedoniaVankovska, Biljana 2014Journal Article
9Geopolitics of the Prespa Agreement: Background and After-EffectsVankovska, Biljana 2020Journal Article
10Geopolitics of Vaccines: War by Other Means?Vankovska, Biljana 2021Journal Article
11Heading Towards a Global NATO: Piquing China?Vankovska, Biljana 29-Dec-2022Journal Article
12Human security doctrine.pdf.jpgThe Human Security Doctrine for Europe: A View from BelowVankovska, Biljana 2007Journal Article
13International Law and International Relations: a Problematic and/or a Harmonious RelationshipVankovska, Biljana 2018Journal Article
14Kosovo: Macedonia’s PerspectivesVankovska, Biljana 2008Journal Article
15The Left Critique of the European Union: A View from the Balkan PeripheryVankovska, Biljana ; Nakarada, Radmila2020Journal Article
16Lilliputian Foreign Policy of a Small State: The Case of the Republic of MacedoniaVankovska, Biljana 2017Journal Article
17Macedonian and Albanian interpretations of the Balkan Wars: the collision of historical narrativesVankovska, Biljana 2013Journal Article
18Military Responses to the Global Migrant CrisisVankovska, Biljana ; Kirkova, Rina 2018Journal Article
19NATO 2022: A Search for Friends and FoesVankovska, Biljana 30-Jul-2022Article
20NATO’s Prospects in the Light of the Ukraine WarVankovska, Biljana 2022Journal Article