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Full Name
Tomevska Ilievska, Elizabeta
Vernacular Name
Елизабета Томевска Илиевска
Томевска Илиевска, Елизабета
Tomevska Ilievska, E.
Томевска Илиевска, Е.
Tomevska, E.
Томевска, Е.
Main Affiliation
Working groups
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PreviewTitleAuthor(s)Issue DateType
1The Concept of Interactive Models in University TeachingTomevska Ilievska, Elizabeta ; Stojanoska Ivanova, Tatjana ; Aleksovska Velichkovska, Lenche2018Journal Article
2The Conceptual and Systematic Setting of the Practical Teaching in the Republic of Macedonia (Model and Experiences)Damovska, Lena ; Tomevska Ilievska, Elizabeta ; Tasevska, Alma 2014Journal Article
3Educational Concept for Safe Secondary Schools in Republic of Macedonia (Good Practices, Conclusions, Recommendations)Tomevska Ilievska, Elizabeta ; Rizova, Elena ; Tasevska, Alma ; Sadiki, S.2016Journal Article
4Educational Models as Pedagogical Support of Safe Schools in Urban EnvironmentsTomevska Ilievska, Elizabeta ; Stojanoska Ivanova, Tatjana 2019Journal Article
5Fundamentals of Early Linguistic Literacy of Preschool ChildrenTofovikj Kjamilova, Marija ; Tomevska Ilievska, Elizabeta 2017Journal Article
6Holistic Approaches in the Development of Reading in teaching the Macedonian LanguageTomevska Ilievska, Elizabeta 2020Journal Article
7Interactive Models in University Teaching: Application in Pharmacy EducationTomevska Ilievska, Elizabeta ; Tonic Ribarska, J.; Trajkovic Jolevska, S.; Ancevska Netkovska, K.; Tofovikj Kjamilova, Marija 2019Proceeding article
8Lifelong Learning – Reality and PerspectiveТомевска Илиевска, Елизабета ; Tonic Ribarska, J.; Trajkovic Jolevska, S.; Ancevska Netkovska, K.; Ajdinski, Goran 2016Journal Article
9Media "Installation" of Refugees in Public Space (Practices and Policies)Tomevska Ilievska, Elizabeta ; Stojanoska Ivanova, Tatjana 2019Journal Article
10Methods and techniques for self-regulated learning in the context of the lifelong learning conceptRizova, Elena ; Tomevska Ilievska, Elizabeta ; Tasevska, Alma 2021Journal Article
11Mobility in Education – A Concept for Strengthening the Educational Capacities in R. MacedoniaTofovikj Kjamilova, Marija ; Dimitrov, D.; Tomevska Ilievska, Elizabeta 2014Journal Article
12The Optional Status of Albanian Language in Primary EducationTofovikj Kjamilova, Marija ; Tomevska Ilievska, Elizabeta ; Sejdini, M.2015Proceeding article
13Parental Partnership for Effective Educational Development of PupilsApostolova Nikolovska, Marija; Tomevska Ilievska, Elizabeta 2020Journal Article
14Pedagogical Assessment of the Development of Children Enrolling in Elementary EducationTomevska Ilievska, Elizabeta ; Geshovska, A.2019Journal Article
15Use of Literary Contents in Teaching in Macedonian LanguageTomevska Ilievska, Elizabeta ; Janevska, Maja2022Proceeding article
16Welcoming SpeechesTomevska Ilievska, Elizabeta 2022Proceeding article
17Why do we need pedagogical and educational reforms in primary school? A draft concept for the new basics of education and pedagogy in primary schoolTomevska Ilievska, Elizabeta 2020Proceeding article
18Ефективно слушањеТомевска Илиевска, Елизабета 2006Journal Article
19Интеркултурниот дијалог и спортотСтојаноска Иванова, Татјана ; Анастасовски, Иван; Томевска Илиевска, Елизабета 2016Proceeding article
20Истражувачките тенденции во образованието во мултикултурни средини во Република МакедонијаТомевска Илиевска, Елизабета ; Симоновска Јаначковска, Е.; Садики, С.2016Proceeding article