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Full Name
Angeloska Galevska, Natasha
Vernacular Name
Наташа Ангелоска Галевска
Ангелоска Галевска, Наташа
Angeloska Galevska, N.
Ангелоска Галевска, Н.
Angeloska, N.
Ангелоска, Н.
Main Affiliation
Working groups
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PreviewTitleAuthor(s)Issue DateType
109.pdf.jpgEthics in research with vulnerable childrenAngeloska Galevska, Natasha ; Trajkov, Ivan 2016Journal Article
2NAG-IJCRSEE2015 .pdf.jpgInterpersonal relations in the educational and manufacturing organizationsGocevska, Jasmina; Angeloska Galevska, Natasha 2015Journal Article
33. Teachers as Electronic Administrators-Socioeconomica.pdf.jpgTeachers as Electronic AdministratorsAngeloska Galevska, Natasha ; Stojanov, Vlado2018Journal Article
4Arnaudova, Galevska, Mustafa, Yildiz-2014.pdf.jpgValue orientation of future teachersArnaudova, Violeta ; Angeloska Galevska, Natasha ; Mustafa, Avzi 2014Proceeding article