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Full Name
Tofovikj Kjamilova, Marija
Vernacular Name
Марија Тофовиќ Ќамилова
Тофовиќ Ќамилова, Марија
Tofovikj Kjamilova, M.
Тофовиќ Ќамилова, М.
Tofovikj, М.
Тофовиќ, М.
Main Affiliation
Working groups
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PreviewTitleAuthor(s)Issue DateType
1Fundamentals of Early Linguistic Literacy of Preschool ChildrenTofovikj Kjamilova, Marija ; Tomevska Ilievska, Elizabeta 2017Journal Article
2Interactive Models in University Teaching: Application in Pharmacy EducationTomevska Ilievska, Elizabeta ; Tonic Ribarska, J.; Trajkovic Jolevska, S.; Ancevska Netkovska, K.; Tofovikj Kjamilova, Marija 2019Proceeding article
3Mobility in Education – A Concept for Strengthening the Educational Capacities in R. MacedoniaTofovikj Kjamilova, Marija ; Dimitrov, D.; Tomevska Ilievska, Elizabeta 2014Journal Article
4The Optional Status of Albanian Language in Primary EducationTofovikj Kjamilova, Marija ; Tomevska Ilievska, Elizabeta ; Sejdini, M.2015Proceeding article