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Computational approach towards vibrational spectroscopic detection of molecular species relevant to atmospheric chemistry and climate science: The formic acid rotamersKoteska, Bojana ; Mishev, Anastas ; Pejov, Ljupcho Jul-2017
Computational study of intramolecular oh stretching vibrations in the two rotamers of free formic acidKoteska, Bojana ; Mishev, Anastas ; Pejov, Ljupco 2018Article
Development of air quality forecasting system in Macedonia, based on WRF-Chem modelSpiridonov, Vlado ; Jakimovski, Boro ; Spiridonova, Irena; Pereira, Gabriel2-May-2019Article
Dynamic versus Static Approach to Theoretical Anharmonic Vibrational Spectroscopy of Molecular Species Elevant to Atmospheric Chemistry: A Case Study of Formic AcidKoteska, Bojana ; Manevska, Verce; Mishev, Anastas ; Pejov, Ljupco 10-May-2018Article
eHealth platform prototype for real-time biosensor data transferKostoska, Magdalena ; Koteska, Bojana ; Simjanoska, Monika; Tashkoski, Martin; Ackovska, Nevena ; Madevska Bogdanova, Ana; Golubovski, Roman 2016Proceeding article
Examination of in-cloud sulfate chemistry using a different model initializationSpiridonov, Vlado ; Ćurić, Mladjen; Jakimovski, Boro 13-Dec-2018Article
Finite-Temperature Single Molecule Vibrational Dynamics from Combined Density Functional Tight Binding Extended Lagrangian Dynamics Simulations and Time Series AnalysisKoteska, Bojana ; Mishev, Anastas ; Pejov, LJupcho 31-Dec-2020Article
Gene Ontology Analysis of Colorectal Cancer Biomarkers Probed with Affymetrix and Illumina MicroarraysSimjanoska, Monika ; Madevska Bogdanova, Ana ; Panov, Sasho 2013Article
Gene Ontology Analysis on Behalf of Improved Classification of Different Colorectal Cancer StagesSimjanoska, Monika ; Madevska Bogdanova, Ana ; Panov, Sasho 20-Nov-2015Book chapter
Improvement of chemical initialization in the air quality forecast system in North Macedonia, based on WRF-Chem modelAnchev, Nenad; Velinov, Goran ; Jakimovski, Boro ; Spiridonov, Vlado 16-Sep-2020Journal Article
Isotropic Magnetic Shielding of Al(OH) − 4 in Aqueous Solution: A Hybrid Monte Carlo - Quantum Mechanical Computational ModelKoteska, Bojana ; Mishev, Anastas ; Pejov, LJupcho 2016
Magnetic Response Properties of Aqueous Aluminum(III) Ion: A Hybrid Statistical Physics Quantum Mechanical Approach Implementing the Map-Reduce Computational TechniqueKoteska, Bojana ; Mishev, Anastas ; Pejov, LJupcho 2015
MSWordSST – A New Steganalytical Tool for Microsoft Word DocumentsStojanov, Ivan; Mileva, Aleksandra ; Stojanov, Done; Stojkovich, Natasha24-Sep-2020Proceedings
On the Choice of Method for Solution of the Vibrational Schrödinger Equation in Hybrid Statistical Physics - Quantum Mechanical Modeling of Molecular SolvationKoteska, Bojana ; Sahpaski, Dragan; Mishev, Anastas ; Pejov, Ljupcho 2014
Parallel Genetic Algorithms for Finding Solution of System of Ordinary Differential EquationsJovanovski, Jane; Jakimovski, Boro ; Jakimovski, Dragan 2012Book chapter
Quantitative Measurement of Scientific Software Quality: Definition of a Novel Quality ModelKoteska, Bojana ; Mishev, Anastas ; Pejov, Ljupco Mar-2018Article
Semiempirical Atom-centered Density Matrix Propagation Approach to Temperature-dependent Vibrational Spectroscopy of IrinotecanKoteska, Bojana ; Simonoska crcarevska, Maja ; Glavas Dodov, Marija ; Tonikj ribarska, Jasmina ; Pejov, LJupcho 10-May-2018
Temperature Dependent Initial Chemical Conditions for WRF-Chem Air Pollution Simulation ModelAnchev, Nenad; Velinov, Goran ; Jakimovski, Boro ; Spiridonov, Vlado 24-Sep-2020Proceeding article