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Mileva, Aleksandra
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1Frequency Distribution of Letters, Bigrams and Trigrams in the Macedonian languageMileva, Aleksandra ; Panov, Stojanche; Dimitrova, Vesna 2012Article
2Information Hiding in the DICOM Message Service and Upper Layer Service with Entropy-Based DetectionMileva, Aleksandra ; Velinov, Aleksandar; Dimitrova, Vesna ; Caviglione, Luca; Wendzel, Steffen25-Jan-2022Article
3On a conditional collision attack on nasha-512Markovski, Smile ; Mileva, Aleksandra ; Dimitrova, Vesna ; Gligoroski, Danilo2009Journal Article
4Periodic quasigroup string transformationsDimitrova, Vesna ; Markovski, Smile ; Mileva, Aleksandra 2009Journal Article
5SBIM (Q)-a Multivariate Polynomial Trapdoor Function over the Field of Rational NumbersMarkovski, Smile ; Mileva, Aleksandra ; Dimitrova, Vesna 2014Article
6Some Generalizations Of Recursive Derivates of k-ary OperationsMileva, Aleksandra ; Dimitrova, Vesna 7-Aug-2018Article