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Pejov, LJupcho
Vernacular Name
Pejov, Ljupco
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1Assessing Quality Requirements for Onboarding Web Services to the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC): A Case Study of the Gaussian APIMisheva, Despina; Stojcheva, Marija; Bosheva, Mia; Koteska, Bojana ; Pejov, LJupcho ; Mishev, Anastas 14-Dec-2023Proceeding article
2Average Vibrational Potentials of Oscillators in Condensed-matter Environments using HadoopKoteska, Bojana ; Pejov, LJupcho ; Mishev, Anastas 2014Proceeding article
3Comparative Study of Two Approaches for Solving the Torsional Schrödinger Equation: Fourier Grid Hamiltonian Method and Hamiltonian Diagonalization MethodKoteska, Bojana ; Mishev, Anastas ; Pejov, LJupcho 2015Proceeding article
4Computational study of intramolecular oh stretching vibrations in the two rotamers of free formic acidKoteska, Bojana ; Mishev, Anastas ; Pejov, Ljupco 2018Article
5Dynamic versus Static Approach to Theoretical Anharmonic Vibrational Spectroscopy of Molecular Species Elevant to Atmospheric Chemistry: A Case Study of Formic AcidKoteska, Bojana ; Manevska, Verce; Mishev, Anastas ; Pejov, Ljupco 10-May-2018Article
6Finite-Temperature Single Molecule Vibrational Dynamics from Combined Density Functional Tight Binding Extended Lagrangian Dynamics Simulations and Time Series AnalysisKoteska, Bojana ; Mishev, Anastas ; Pejov, LJupcho 31-Dec-2020Article
7Formal Specification of Scientific Applications Using Interval Temporal LogicKoteska, Bojana ; Pejov, LJupcho ; Mishev, Anastas 2014Proceeding article
8Framework for Developing Scientific Applications: Solving 1D and 2D Schrödinger Equation by using Discrete Variable Representation MethodKoteska, Bojana ; Pejov, LJupcho ; Mishev, Anastas 2015Proceeding article
9Pharmaceutical Software Quality Assurance System ArchitectureKoteska, Bojana ; Pejov, LJupcho ; Mishev, Anastas 2016Proceeding article
10Quantitative Measurement of Scientific Software Quality: Definition of a Novel Quality ModelKoteska, Bojana ; Mishev, Anastas ; Pejov, Ljupco Mar-2018Article
11Quantum Vibrational Dynamics of Molecular Species Relevant to Atmospheric Chemistry and ClimateScience. Formic Acid and its Clusters with BenzeneManevska, Verce; Koteska, Bojana ; Mishev, Anastas ; Pejov, LJupcho 2016Proceeding article
12A Robust Hybrid Statistical Physics-Quantum Chemical Approach to Magnetic Properties of Complex Aqueous Aluminimum(III) Species: Implementation on HPC EnvironmentKoteska, Bojana ; Pejov, LJupcho ; Mishev, Anastas 2015Proceeding article
13Schrödinger API - web service for solving multidimensional time-independent Schrödinger equation using Hermite DVR approachKoteska, Bojana ; Pejov, LJupcho ; Mishev, Anastas 2021Proceeding article
14Scientific Software Testing: A Practical ExampleKoteska, Bojana ; Pejov, LJupcho ; Mishev, Anastas 2015Proceeding article
15Software Engineering Solutions for Improving the Regression Testing Methods in Scientific Applications DevelopmentKoteska, Bojana ; Pejov, LJupcho ; Mishev, Anastas 2013Proceeding article
16Testing RESTful APIs – Use Case: RESTful API for Solving Multidimensional Time–Independent Schrödinger EquationDimoski, Davor; Koteska, Bojana ; Pejov, LJupcho ; Mishev, Anastas Oct-2022Proceeding article