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Textto-Speech Conversion for Macedonian as Part of a System for Support of Humans with Damaged SightJosifovski, Ljubomir; Mihajlov, Dragan ; Djordjevikj, Dejan1996Proceedings
WIT Transactions on Ecology and the EnvironmentMitreski, Kosta ; Davchev, Dancho ; Jordanoski, M; Naumoski, T29-May-1997Journal Article
Speech synthesizer based on time domain syllable concatenationJosifovski, Ljubomir; Mihajlov, Dragan ; Gjorgjevikj, Dejan27-Oct-1997Proceeding article
Mathematical model for the available phosphorus, phytoplankton and zooplankton in the Lake OhridMitreski, Kosta ; Koneski, Z; Davchev, Dancho ; Naumoski, T14-Oct-1998Journal Article
Minimization of the blocking time of the unreliable Geo/G_D/1 queueing systemBakeva, Verica ; Kolev, Nikolai20-Jun-1999Journal Article
Review of the Production of Electricity from Photovoltaics in the Republic of MacedoniaDedinec Kanevche, Aleksandra; Tomovski, Igor; Kocarev, Ljupco2000Journal Article
System For Digital Processing, Storage and internet Publishing of Printed Textual DocumentsGrcevski, Nikola; Mihajlov, Dragan ; Gjorgjevikj, Dejan2000Journal Article
A Simple System for Automatic Exam Scoring Using Optical Markup ReaderGjorgjevikj, Dejan; Grcevski, Nikola; Mihajlov, Dragan2000Proceedings
Reducing the number of instructionsGushev, Marjan ; Mishev, Anastas ; Popovski, G; Mitrevski, P13-Jun-2000Proceedings
Prediction and speculation techniques in ILPMitrevski, P; Gushev, Marjan ; Mishev, Anastas 13-Jun-2000Proceeding article
Web-based pollution monitoring system for the Lake OhridMitreski, Kosta ; Davchev, Dancho ; Koneski, Z2-Aug-2000Journal Article
Using etesting methods in cs educationArmenski, Goce ; Gushev, Marjan 2001Article
E-Learning Realised By E-TestingGushev, Marjan ; Armenski, Goce 2001Proceedings
Methods for Digital Signal Processing of Speech SignalsJakimovski, Boro ; Gligoroski, Danilo2001Proceedings
Physical database design for data warehousesVelinov, Goran ; Kon-Popovska, Margita2001Proceedings
On a Stream Error-Correcting CodeMarkovski, Smile ; Bakeva, Verica 2001Proceedings
Exploring the Register Renaming Design Space Using the Supersim SimulatorMishev, Anastas ; Gushev, Marjan 2001Proceedings
Logic Circuit VisualizationMarkovski, Jasen; Mishev, Anastas ; Gushev, Marjan 2001Proceeding article
E-Banking–Developing Future with Advanced TechnologiesAntovski, Ljupcho; Gushev, Marjan 2001Proceedings
Handwritten digit recognition by combining support vector machines using rule-based reasoningGjorgjevikj, Dejan; Chakmakov, Dushan; Radevski, Vladimir22-Jun-2001Proceedings