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Mitreski, Kosta
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13-D Visualization And Standardization Of GIS Elements For Pollution Monitoring Of Water ResourcesMitreski, Kosta ; Stevkovski, Stojan; Davchev, Dancho 2004Journal Article
2The access database for the Zletovo mine, Republic of MacedoniaTasev, Goran; Serafimovski, Dalibor; Mitreski, Kosta 8-Jul-2018Journal Article
3Analyzing and visualisation of indoor airpollutionJovanovska, ME; Bozinova, M; Mitreski, Kosta 2020Journal Article
4ANALYZING THE LEVEL OF HIGH TROPOSPHERC OZONE DURING THE SUMMER 2013 IN SKOPJE, R. MACEDONIAStoimenovski, Bobi; Mitreski, Kosta ; Naumoski, Andreja ; Davchev, Dancho 30-Sep-2016Journal Article
5ANALYZING THE LEVEL OF HIGH TROPOSPHERC OZONE DURING THE SUMMER 2014 and 2015 IN SKOPJE, R. MACEDONIAStoimenovski, B; Mitreski, Kosta ; Naumoski, Andreja ; Serafimovski, D2017Journal Article
6Bodybuilding Gyms and Sports Goods Centers in SkopjeStevanoski, Bozidar ; Naumoski, Andreja 2019Proceeding article
7Classifying diatoms into trophic state index classes with novel classification algorithmNaumoski, Andreja ; Mitreski, Kosta 1-Jan-2010Journal Article
8Data analysis of spatio-temporal sensor data as a contribution to the model analysis for water resourcesVeleva, Sanja ; Mitreski, Kosta 25-May-2010Journal Article
9Diatom Ecological Modelling with Weighted Pattern Tree Algorithm by Using Polygonal and Gaussian Membership FunctionsNaumoski, Andreja ; Mirceva, Georgina ; Mitreski, Kosta 2019Article
10Environmental air quality monitoring system as a support for precision agricultureDavchev, Dancho ; Mitreski, Kosta 2019Journal Article
11Evaluation of diatoms biodiversity models by applying different discretization on the class attributeNaumoski, Andreja ; Mircheva, Georgina ; Mitreski, Kosta 28-Sep-2020Article
12Evaluation of Yager Families of Aggregation Operators in Discovering the Diatoms Indicating PropertiesNaumoski, Andreja ; Mirceva, Georgina; Mitreski, Kosta Oct-2018Proceeding article
13Experimental Evaluation of Different Membership Functions on Weighted Pattern Trees for Diatom ModellingNaumoski, Andreja ; Mirceva, Georgina; Mitreski, Kosta Jul-2018Proceeding article
14Influence of climate change on diatoms diversity indices in Lake PrespaNaumoski, Andreja ; Mitreski, Kosta 2009Journal Article
15INFLUENCE OF RANDOM NUMBER GENERATORS IN AIR POLLUTION MODEL SAMPLINGVrglevski, G.; Mitreski, Kosta ; Naumoski, Andreja ; Zajkova, SG2018Journal Article
16IoT--Based System for Real-time Monitoring and Insect Detection in VineyardsStevanoska, Sintija; Davcev, Danco; Jovanovska, Elena M.; Mitreski, Kosta 16-Nov-2020Proceeding article
17Learning habitat models for the diatom community in Lake PrespaKocev, Dragi; Naumoski, Andreja ; Mitreski, Kosta ; Krstić, Svetislav; Džeroski, Sasho24-Jan-2010Journal Article
18Mathematical model for the available phosphorus, phytoplankton and zooplankton in the Lake OhridMitreski, Kosta ; Koneski, Z; Davchev, Dancho ; Naumoski, T14-Oct-1998Journal Article
19Mineral and anthroghene access databases organization for Alshar polymetallic deposit and waste dump, Republic of MacedoniaSerafimovski, Dalibor; Gicev, Vlado; Mitreski, Kosta 2015Journal Article
20Mobile Health Based System for Managing and Maintaining Health Data in Classroom: Case StudySerafimovski, Dalibor; Mitreski, Kosta ; Zdravev, Zoran2017Journal Article