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Mirceva, Georgina
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1Attention Models for PM2.5 PredictionKalajdjieski, Jovan; Mirceva, Georgina ; Kalajdziski, Slobodan Dec-2020Proceeding article
2Autonomous Driving by Using Convolutional Neural NetworkKalkovaliev, Nikola; Mirceva, Georgina 11-Jun-2021Proceeding article
3Classification of Protein Structures by Making Fuzzy-Rough Feature SelectionMirceva, Georgina ; Naumoski, Andreja ; Kulakov, Andrea 22-Oct-2020Proceeding article
4Classifying Protein Structures by Using Protein Ray Based Descriptor, KNN and FuzzyKNN Classification MethodsMirceva, Georgina ; Naumoski, Andreja ; Kulakov, Andrea 28-Sep-2020Proceeding article
5Content Engineering for State-of-the-art SEO Digital Strategies by Using NLP and MLGjorgjevska, Emilija; Mirceva, Georgina 11-Jun-2021Proceeding article
6Diatom Ecological Modelling with Weighted Pattern Tree Algorithm by Using Polygonal and Gaussian Membership FunctionsNaumoski, Andreja ; Mirceva, Georgina ; Mitreski, Kosta 2019Article
7Evaluation of diatoms biodiversity models by applying different discretization on the class attributeNaumoski, Andreja ; Mircheva, Georgina ; Mitreski, Kosta 28-Sep-2020Article
8Fake News Detection by Using Doc2Vec Representation Model and Various Classification AlgorithmsJanakieva, Dobrinka; Mirceva, Georgina ; Gievska, Sonja 2021Proceeding article
9Ski Slopes Digitalization and Rating Analysis of Ski Resorts in Mavrovo and Popova ShapkaNaumoski, Andreja ; Mircheva, Georgina ; Mitreski, Kosta 2019Article