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Trojachanec, Katarina
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1Application of edge histogram descriptor and region shape descriptor to MRIsTrojachanec, Katarina ; Davcev, Dancho; Mircheva, Georgina 2009Proceeding article
2Classification of magnetic resonance imagesTrojachanec, Katarina ; Madzarov, Gjorgji; Gjorgjevikj, Dejan; Loshkovska, Suzana21-Jun-2010Proceeding article
3Comparison of Classification Techniques Applied to Magnetic Resonance ImagesTrojachanec, Katarina ; Kitanovski, Ivan ; Loshkovska, Suzana 2010Proceeding article
4Content based image retrieval in medical applications: an improvement of the two-level architectureTrojachanec, Katarina ; Dimitrovski, Ivica ; Loshkovska, Suzana 18-May-2009Proceeding article
5Content based retrieval of MRI based on brain structure changes in Alzheimer’s diseaseKitanovski, Ivan ; Dimitrovski, Ivica ; Loshkovska, Suzana; Trojachanec, Katarina 12-Jan-2015Proceeding article
6Enhancing the Quality of Distance Learning At Western Balkan Higher Education institutionsTrojachanec, Katarina ; Loshkovska, Suzana ; Arsenovski, Sime2012Proceeding article
7Hierarchical classification architectures applied to Magnetic Resonance ImagesTrojachanec, Katarina ; Loshkovska, Suzana ; Madjarov, Gjorgji; Gjorgjevikj, Dejan27-Jun-2011Proceeding article
8Hierarchical classification of magnetic resonance imagesTrojachanec, Katarina ; Loshkovska, Suzana ; Madjarov, Gjorgji; Gjorgjevikj, Dejan2010Journal Article
9Influence of Segmentation over Magnetic Resonance Image ClassificationKitanovski, Ivan ; Loshkovska, Suzana ; Trojachanec, Katarina Sep-2010Proceeding article
10Longitudinal Brain MRI Retrieval for Alzheimer’s Disease Using Different Temporal InformationTrojachanec, Katarina ; Kitanovski, Ivan ; Dimitrovski, Ivica ; Loshkovska, Suzana 2018Article
11Mammography image classification using texture featuresTrojachanec, Katarina ; Dimitrovski, Ivica ; Kitanovski, Ivan ; Jankulovski, Blagojche2012Proceeding article
12Multi-query Content Based Medical Image RetrievalTrojachanec, Katarina ; Stojanova, Elena; Loshkovska, Suzana; Dimitrovski, Ivica 2013Proceeding article
13Online Presence for LearningKitanovski, Ivan ; Loshkovska, Suzana ; Trojachanec, Katarina 2012Proceeding article
14Towards improving magnetic resonance image classificationTrojachanec, Katarina ; Madzarov, Gjorgji; Loshkovska, Suzana2010Journal Article
15Word-Space Approach To Case-Based RetrievalKitanovski, Ivan ; Loshkovska, Suzana ; Dimitrovski, Ivica ; Trojachanec, Katarina 2013Proceeding article