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Dimitrovski, Ivica
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1AiTLAS: Artificial Intelligence Toolbox for Earth ObservationKitanovski, Ivan ; Dimitrovski, Ivica ; Panov, Panche; Simidjievski, Nikola; Kocev, Dragi21-Jan-2022Journal Article
2Content based image retrieval in medical applications: an improvement of the two-level architectureTrojachanec, Katarina ; Dimitrovski, Ivica ; Loshkovska, Suzana 18-May-2009Proceeding article
3Content based retrieval of MRI based on brain structure changes in Alzheimer’s diseaseKitanovski, Ivan ; Dimitrovski, Ivica ; Loshkovska, Suzana; Trojachanec, Katarina 12-Jan-2015Proceeding article
4FCSE at ImageCLEF 2012: Evaluating Techniques for Medical Image RetrievalKitanovski, Ivan ; Dimitrovski, Ivica ; Loshkovska, Suzana2012Proceeding article
5FCSE at Medical Tasks of ImageCLEF 2013Kitanovski, Ivan ; Dimitrovski, Ivica ; Loshkovska, Suzana23-Sep-2013Proceeding article
6Improved medical image modality classification using a combination of visual and textual featuresKitanovski, Ivan ; Dimitrovski, Ivica ; Kocev, Dragi; Loshkovska, Suzana ; Džeroski, Sasho1-Jan-2015Journal Article
7Longitudinal Brain MRI Retrieval for Alzheimer’s Disease Using Different Temporal InformationTrojachanec, Katarina ; Kitanovski, Ivan ; Dimitrovski, Ivica ; Loshkovska, Suzana 2018Article
8Maestra at LifeCLEF 2014 Plant Task: Plant Identification using Visual DataDimitrovski, Ivica ; Madjarov, Gjorgji; Kocev, Dragi; Lameski, Petre 2014Proceeding article
9Mammography image classification using texture featuresKitanovski, Ivan ; Jankulovski, Blagojce; Trojacanec, Katarina; Dimitrovski, Ivica 2012Proceeding article
10Mammography image classification using texture featuresTrojachanec, Katarina ; Dimitrovski, Ivica ; Kitanovski, Ivan ; Jankulovski, Blagojche2012Proceeding article
11Multi-query Content Based Medical Image RetrievalTrojachanec, Katarina ; Stojanova, Elena; Loshkovska, Suzana; Dimitrovski, Ivica 2013Proceeding article
12An Overview of GraphQL: Core Features and ArchitectureSpasev, Vlatko ; Dimitrovski, Ivica ; Kitanovski, Ivan Sep-2020Article
13The use of data-derived label hierarchies in multi-label classificationMadjarov, Gjorgji ; GJorgjevikj, Dejan ; Dimitrovski, Ivica ; Džeroski, Sašo2016Journal Article
14Word-Space Approach To Case-Based RetrievalKitanovski, Ivan ; Loshkovska, Suzana ; Dimitrovski, Ivica ; Trojachanec, Katarina 2013Proceeding article