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Antimicrobial Active Chitosan-Based Cotton Yarns: Effect of Chitosan Solution ConcentrationEmilija Toshikj, Ognen Petrovski, Petrovska Milena, Jordanov Igor2023Article
Textile Sublimation Printing: GLCM Print Mottle Assessment of Black Printed FabricEmilija Toshikj, Bojan Prangoski2023Article
Textile Sublimation Printing: Impact of Total Ink Limiting Level and Sublimation Transfer Paper on Black Print QualityEmilija Toshikj, Bojan Prangoski2023Article
Biobased multiphase foams with ZnO for wound dressing applicationsBužarovska, Aleksandra; Selaru, Aida; Serban, Mirela; Pircalabioru, Gratiela G.; Costache, Marieta; Cocca, Mariacristina; Gentile, Gennaro; Avérous, Luc; Dinescu, Sorina20-Nov-2023Article
The Effect of the Addition of Construction & Demolition Waste on the Properties of Clay-based CeramicsBiljana Angjusheva, Vilma Ducman , Emilija FidanchevskiAug-2022Journal Article
Effects of nano-sized BaTiO3 on microstructural, thermal, mechanical and piezoelectric behavior of electrospun PVDF/BaTiO3 nanocomposite matsKubin, Mateja; Makreski, Petre ; Zanoni, Michele; Gasperini, Leonardo; Selleri, Giacomo; Fabiani, Davide; Gualandi, Chiara; Bužarovska, AleksandraSep-2023Article
Piezoelectric properties of <scp>PVDF‐TrFE</scp>/<scp>BaTiO<sub>3</sub></scp> composite foams with different contents of <scp>TrFE</scp> unitsKubin, Mateja; Makreski, Petre ; Zanoni, Michele; Selleri, Giacomo; Gasperini, Leonardo; Fabiani, Davide; Gualandi, Chiara; Bužarovska, Aleksandra14-Aug-2023Article
Influence of architecture in clothing designJankoska, Maja ; Stevkovska-Stojanovska, Ruzica2023Journal Article
Circular Economy Applied to Metallurgical Waste: Use of Slags and Fly Ash from the Ferronickel Industry in the Production of Eco‑Friendly CompositesPerica Paunovikj; Anita Grozdanov13-May-2022Article
The Effect of Whole Buckwheat Flour Addition on Physico-Chemical Characteristics, Biological Active Compounds and Fatty Acids Profile of BreadsNakov, G.; Temkov, M.; Damyanova, S.; Ivanova, S.21-Dec-2022Article
Inulinase immobilisation in PAA/PEG composite for efficient fructooligosaccharides productionTemkov, Mishela; Dimitrovski, Darko ; Velickova, Elena; Krastanov, Albert26-Dec-2022Article
Prediction of the temperature sensitivity of strawberry drop damage using dynamic finite element methodAn, Xue; Liu, Huijie; Fadiji, Tobi; Li, Zhiguo; Dimitrovski, Darko Aug-2022Article
Estimating rapidly and precisely the concentration of beta carotene in mango homogenates by measuring the amplitude of optothermal signals, chromaticity indices and the intensities of Raman peaksBicanic, Dane; Dimitrovski, Darko ; Luterotti, Svjetlana; Twisk, Charlotte; Buijnsters, Josephus Gerardus; Dóka, OttóAug-2010Article
Pre-fermentative Treatment of Grape Juice and Must from Vranec Variety with a Glucose Oxidase from Aspergillus nigerPetkova, Verica; Mladenoska, Irina ; Dimitrovski, Darko ; Stafilov, Trajce; Stefova, Marina 5-Sep-2020Book chapter
Anthocyanin composition of Vranec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Pinot Noir grapes as indicator of their varietal differentiationDimitrovska, Maja; Bocevska, Mirjana ; Dimitrovski, Darko ; Murkovic, Michael22-Jan-2011Article
Lactobacillus plantarum extracellular metabolites: In vitro assessment of probiotic effects on normal and cancerogenic human cellsDimitrovski, Darko ; Cencič, Avrelija; Winkelhausen, Eleonora; Langerholc, TomažDec-2014Article
Correlation of trans-Lycopene Measurements by the HPLC Method with the Optothermal and Photoacoustic Signals and the Color Readings of Fresh Tomato HomogenatesBicanic, Dane; Dimitrovski, Darko ; Luterotti, Svjetlana; Marković, Ksenija; van Twisk, Charlotte; Buijnsters, Josephus G; Dóka, OttoMar-2010Article
) Sustainability of the textile waste stream in MacedoniaJordeva, S., Tomovska, E, Mojsov, K., Golomeova, S., Maksimov, S.2018
Thermophysiological Comfort Properties of Polyamide PantyhoseTomovska, E., Hes, L.2019Article
The Role of Instagram Influencers as a Source of Fashion InformationTomovska, E.2020Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 211