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Prangoski, Bojan
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Prangoski, B.
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PreviewTitleAuthor(s)Issue DateType
1Anti-Wick and Weyl quantization on ultradistribution spacesPilipović, Stevan; Prangoski, Bojan Feb-2015Journal Article
2Complex powers for a class of infinite order hypoelliptic operatorsPilipović, Stevan; Prangoski, Bojan 2018Journal Article
3Convolution of ultradistributions and ultradistribution spaces associated to translation-invariant Banach spacesDimovski, Pavel; Pilipović, Stevan; Prangoski, Bojan ; Vindas, JassonJun-2016Journal Article
4Extension theorem of Whitney type for S(Rd+) by use of the Kernel theoremJaksic, Smiljana; Prangoski, Bojan 2016Journal Article
5G-type spaces of ultradistributions over R_d^+ and the Weyl pseudo-differential operators with radial symbolsJakšić, Smiljana; Pilipović, Stevan; Prangoski, Bojan Jul-2017Journal Article
6Laplace transform in spaces of ultradistributionsPrangoski, Bojan 2013Journal Article
7On a solution of the Cauchy problem in the weighted spaces of Beurling ultradistributionsPilipović, Stevan; Prangoski, Bojan ; Velinov, Daniel Dec-2015Journal Article
8On Existence of Sharp Univalence Criterion Using the Schwarzian DerivativeTuneski, Nikola ; Jolevska-tuneska, Biljana ; Prangoski, Bojan 2015Journal Article
9On quasianalytic classes of Gelfand–Shilov type. Parametrix and convolutionPilipović, Stevan; Prangoski, Bojan ; Vindas, JassonAug-2018Journal Article
10On the convolution of Roumieu ultradistributions through the $\epsilon$ tensor productPilipović, Stevan; Prangoski, Bojan Jan-2014Journal Article
11NSJOM_44_2_001_018.pdf.jpgOn the space of multipliers and convolutors in the space of tempered ultradistributionsDimovski Pavel; Prangoski, Bojan ; Velinov, Daniel 2014Article
12Parametrices and hypoellipticity for pseudodifferential operators on spaces of tempered ultradistributionsCappiello, Marco; Pilipović, Stevan; Prangoski, Bojan Dec-2014Journal Article
13Pseudodifferential operators of infinite order in spaces of tempered ultradistributionsPrangoski, Bojan Dec-2013Journal Article
14Relations between Hermite and Laguerre expansions of ultradistributions over R^d and R^d_+Jakšić, Smiljana; Maksimović, Snježana; Pilipović, Stevan; Prangoski, Bojan Jun-2017Journal Article
15Semilinear pseudodifferential equations in spaces of tempered ultradistributionsCappiello, Marco; Pilipović, Stevan; Prangoski, Bojan Oct-2016Journal Article
16Spectral asymptotics for infinite order pseudo-differential operatorsPilipović, Stevan; Prangoski, Bojan ; Vindas, JassonApr-2018Journal Article
17Translation-invariant spaces of quasianalytic ultradistributionsDimovski, Pavel ; Prangoski, Bojan ; Vindas, Jasson12-Jul-2015Journal Article