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The quality of inclusive education for students with disabilities in the primary school and the secondary schoolChichevska Jovanova, Natasha ; Dimitrova Radojichikj, Daniela ; Mladenovska, Natasha2018Proceeding article
Quality of life in adults with intellectual disability.pdf.jpgQuality of life in adults with intellectual disability: self-assessment versus assessment by othersKostikj Ivanovikj, Vesna; Chichevska Jovanova, Natasha 2014Proceeding article
06.pdf.jpgQuality of life in children without parents placed in foster familiesGeorgievska, Sofija ; Trajkov, Ivan 2017Journal Article
04.pdf.jpgQuality of life of children in foster familiesTrajkov, Ivan 2017Proceeding article
14. Jachova et al. 2015. Quality of life of deaf adolescents.pdf.jpgQuality of life of deaf adolescentsJachova, Zora ; Karovska Ristovska, Aleksandra ; Naumoska, Kristina; Filipovska, Maja2015Proceeding article
12. Karovska Ristovska et all. 2015. Quality of life of persons with intellectual disabilities in day care centers.pdf.jpgQuality of life of persons with intellectual disabilities in day-care centresKarovska Ristovska, Aleksandra ; Rashikj Canevska, Olivera ; Stanojkovska Trajkovska, Natasha ; Jovanovska, Irena; Ajdinski, Goran 2015Proceeding article
DIMITROVA CHICHEVSKA GODISEN ZBORNIK.pdf.jpgQuality of life of the persons with and without disabilitiesDimitrova Radojichikj, Daniela ; Chichevska Jovanova, Natasha 2016Journal Article
Quelques observations sur les éléments français dans les parlers judeo-espagnols de Bitola et SkopjeKolonomos, Zhamila 1963Journal Article
JAHR 5-2012.pdf.jpgRaskorak makedonskog obrazovnog sustava i svjetskih obrazovnih tendencija s obzirom na (bio)etičku edukacijuDonev, Dejan 2012Journal Article
READING SKILLS IN INDIVIDUALS WITH MD.pdf.jpgReading skills in individuals with macular degenerationDimitrova Radojichikj, Daniela 2019Journal Article
Reclaiming UtopiaVankovska, Biljana 2021Journal Article
conference proceedings, 2009.pdf.jpgReform processes and challenges in the social policy in MacedoniaGerovska Mitev, Maja 2009Proceeding article
Acta ophtalmologica-Refractive errors in children and young adults with Down syndrome.pdf.jpgRefractive errors in children and young adults with Down's syndromeLjubic, Antonela; Trajkovski, Vladimir 2011Journal Article
Regional Andragogy Academy: From concept to effectsRizova, Elena ; Pejatović, Aleksandra2017Journal Article
Reinforcement sensitivity in reoffenders and violent offendersKitkanj, Zoran ; Naumova, Katerina 2018Journal Article
02. (str. 29-45) Vesna K. Chichevska N.pdf.jpgRelation between quality of life, choice making, and future expectations in adults with intellectual disabilityKostikj Ivanovikj, Vesna; Chichevska Jovanova, Natasha 2016Journal Article
The relation of humor structure appreciation with sensation seeking and judgments of complex-abstract art and sophisticated music.pdf.jpgThe relation of humor structure appreciation with sensation seeking and judgments of complex-abstract art and sophisticated musicSulejmanov, Filip 2018Journal Article
dtrenchov2013.pdf.jpgThe relationship between poverty and armed conflicts; socio-economic perspectiveTrenchov, Daniel2013Thesis
The relevance of authenticity to clinical distress: Reaffirming the role of self-alienationNaumova, Katerina ; Naumov, Florijan2022Journal Article
Zbornik-Final.pdf.jpgReligijom preko dijaloga do međunacionalnog pomirenja i tranzicione pravdeDonev, Dejan 2013Proceeding article