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Full Name
Drakulovska Chukaleska, Marija
Vernacular Name
Марија Дракуловска Чукалеска
Дракуловска Чукалеска, Марија
Drakulovska Chukaleska, M.
Дракуловска Чукалеска, М.
Drakulovska, M.
Дракуловска, М.
Main Affiliation
Working groups
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PreviewTitleAuthor(s)Issue DateType
1Globalization and Identity: A Key Challenge for Contemporary SocietyDrakulovska Chukaleska, Marija ; Dragovikj, Anica 2018Proceeding article
2Globalization in the Language and Letter through the Public Writings and Firms: the Case in the City SkopjeDrakulovska Chukaleska, Marija ; Dragovikj, Anica 2017Proceeding article
3Glocalization vs. Grobalization: a Key Challenge for Contemporary SociologyDrakulovska Chukaleska, Marija ; Dragovikj, Anica 2017Proceeding article
4The Image of Social Exclusion in Macedonian MediaDrakulovska Chukaleska, Marija ; Dragovikj, Anica 2019Proceeding article
5New Media and Changes in Communication TypesDrakulovska Chukaleska, Marija ; Dragovikj, Anica ; Stojanoska Ivanova, Tatjana 2018Proceeding article
6Profile of global and the local in culture: the case of the Macedonian societyDrakulovska Chukaleska, Marija ; Dragovikj, Anica 2019Journal Article
7Public Opinion Toward Globalization: The Macedonian ExperienceDrakulovska Chukaleska, Marija ; Dragovikj, Ivana; Dragovikj, Anica 2017Journal Article
8The Role of Globalization and Media in Modern SocietyDrakulovska Chukaleska, Marija ; Dragovikj, Anica 2017Proceeding article
9The Social Media and Religion – New ChallengesDrakulovska Chukaleska, Marija ; Dragovikj, Anica 2020Proceeding article