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The names of foreign mathematicians in Macedonian.pdf.jpgThe names of foreign mathematicians in MacedonianCelakoska-Jordanova, Vesna; Celakoska, Emilija 2016Article
Mathematical terminology-on the names of fractions in Macedonian language.pdf.jpgMathematical terminology: On the names of fractions in the Macedonian languageCelakoska-Jordanova, Vesna; Celakoska, Emilija 2016Article
Ternary Groupoid Powers.pdf.jpgTernary groupoid powersCelakoska-Jordanova, Vesna2009Article
Monoids of powers in some varieties of groupoids.pdf.jpgMonoids of powers in varieties of f-idempotent groupoidsCelakoska-Jordanova, Vesna2013Article
On Quaternary Associative Operations.pdf.jpgOn quaternary associative operationsCelakoska-Jordanova, Vesna2007Article
Free power-commutative groupoidsCelakoska-Jordanova, VesnaMar-2015Article
Free power-associative n-ary groupoidsCelakoska-Jordanova, Vesna; Miovska, Valentina Jan-2019Article
Free Objects in the Variety of Groupoids Defined by the Identity xf(x)=f(f(x)).pdf.jpgFree objects in the variety of groupoids defined by the identity xf(x) = f(f(x))Celakoska-Jordanova, Vesna2012Article
Proximately chain refinable functionsAbdulla Buklla, Gjorgji Markoski2018Journal Article
On Product of Spaces of QuasicomponentsGjorgji Markoski, Abdulla Buklla2017Journal Article
One Implementation Of Mathematical Morphology In Medical (ECG) ApplicationRoman Golubovski, Gjorgji Markoski, Elena Golubovska, Vasko Kokalanov2018Journal Article
Comparison Of Different Numerical Methods For Fractional Differential EquationsYlldrita Seferi, Gjorgji Markoski, Aleksandar Gjurchinovski2018Journal Article
Assessment Of The Rescorla-Wagner Model With Experimental DataRoman Golubovski, Gjorgji Markoski, Gordana Kiteva-Trencevska, Natalija Dolnenec-Baneva2018Journal Article
Bifurcation Analysis Of Fractional Order Rössler SystemGjorgji Markoski,2018Journal Article
Examination Of The Students’ Previous Knowledge Before And After The First Year Of Secondary EducationJasmina Markoska, Gjorgji Markoski2016Journal Article
Geometrical Solving Of Some Systems Of EquationsJasmina Markoska, Gjorgji Markoski2016Journal Article
Equivalence Of Intrinsic Shape, Based On V -Continuous Functions, And ShapeNikita Shekutkovski, Zoran Misajleski, Gjorgji Markoski, Martin Shoptrajanov,2015Journal Article
Proper Shape And Shape Of A CompactificationNikita Shekutkovski, Gjorgji Markoski2013Journal Article
Map of quasicomponents induced by a shape morphismN. Shekutkovski, T. A. Pachemska, G. Markoski2012Journal Article
Free groupoids with x2x2=x3x3.pdf.jpgFree groupoids with x^{2}x^{2}=x^{3}x^{3}Celakoska-Jordanova, Vesna2004Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 90