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Crystal structure of a metal ion-bound oxoiron(IV) complex and implications for biological electron transferFukuzumi, Shunichi; Morimoto, Yuma; Kotani, Hiroaki; Naumov, Pance; Lee, Yong-Min; Nam, WonwooSep-2010
Topochemical limits for solid-state photoreactivity by fine tuning of the pi-pi interactionsYang, Shi-Yao; Naumov, Pance; Fukuzumi, Shunichi3-Jun-2009
Hybrid hard- and soft-modelling applied to analyze ultrafast processes by femtosecond transient absorption spectroscopy: study of the photochromism of salicylidene anilinesRuckebusch, C; Sliwa, M; Réhault, J; Naumov, P; Huvenne, J P; Buntinx, G29-May-2009
Structure and spectroscopy of oxyluciferin, the light emitter of the firefly bioluminescenceNaumov, Pance; Ozawa, Yutaka; Ohkubo, Kei; Fukuzumi, Shunichi19-Aug-2009
New type of dual solid-state thermochromism: modulation of intramolecular charge transfer by intermolecular pi-pi interactions, kinetic trapping of the aci-nitro group, and reversible molecular lockingNaumov, Pance; Lee, Sang Cheol; Ishizawa, Nobuo; Jeong, Young Gyu; Chung, Ihn Hee; Fukuzumi, Shunichi22-Oct-2009
Characterizing electrode reactions by multisampling the current in square-wave voltammetryMirceski, Valentin; Guziejewski, Dariusz; Bozem, Monika; Bogeski, IvanSep-2016
HPLC method validation and application for organic acid analysis in wine after solid-phase extractionIvanova-Petropulos, Violeta; Tašev, Krste; Stefova, Marina 27-Dec-2016
Comparison of different extraction solvents for assay of the polyphenol content in the peel and pulp of 21 apple cultivars from MacedoniaPetkovska, Ana; Gjamovski, Viktor; Stefova, Marina 18-Apr-2016
Minerals from Macedonia. XXX. Complementary use of vibrational spectroscopy and X-ray powder diffraction for spectra-structural study of some cyclo-, phyllo- and tectosilicate minerals. A reviewJovanovski, Gligor; Makreski, Petre 27-Dec-2016
Synthesis, physicochemical characterization and antibacterial activity of novel (benzoylamino)methyl derivatives of quinolonesBreznica-Selmani, Pranvera; Mladenovska, Kristina ; Dräger, Gerald; Mikhova, Bozhana; Panovski, Nikola ; Kaftandzieva, Ana; Kavrakovski, Zoran ; Hoxha, Ahmet; Sheqerxhiu, Nardi; Jurhar Pavlova, Maja; Popovski, Emil 12-Oct-2016
Mineralogical and geochemical characteristics of particle PM10 in Tikveš area and their infuence in the environmentBoev, Ivan; Stafilov, Trajce6-Sep-2016
Multivariate factor assessment for lithogenic and anthropogenic distribution of macro and trace elements in surface water. Case study: Basin of the Bregalnica river, Republic of MacedoniaStafilov, Trajce; Balabanova, Biljana; Sajn, Robert; Tánáselia, Claudiu29-Nov-2016
In situ crystallization and crystal structure determination of chlorobenzeneNath, Naba K.; Naumov, Panče19-May-2015
Determination of protonation constants and structural correlations for some tertiary formamides and acetamides in sulfuric acid with UV spectroscopyStojković, Goran; Dimitrieska-Stojković, Elizabeta; Popovski, Emil 12-Nov-2015
Белешки за јазикот на хемијата. 11. За периодичната таблица и за агрегатната состојба на атомот од цинкотШоптрајанов, Бојан12-Jun-2015
Minerals from Macedonia. XXVIII. A tribute to academician Gligor JovanovskiŠoptrajanov, Bojan2-Jun-2015
Electrode kinetics from a single square-wave voltammogramMirčeski, Valentin; Guziejewski, Dariusz; Gulaboski, Rubin4-May-2015
Vibrational spectra of hexaaquacomplexes. XII. On the possible anion disorder in selenate alums: prediction of the crystal structure and vibrational spectra of KAl(SeO4)2·12H2O and related alumsPetruševski, Vladimir M.1-Jun-2015
Insights into the infrared and Raman spectra of fresh and lyophilized royal jelly and protein degradation IR spectroscopy study during heatingLazarevska, Sofija; Makreski, Petre 5-May-2015
The correlation between structure and β-nucleation efficiency of Ba, Sr, Ca and Mg pimelates in isotactic polypropyleneJanevski, Aco; Bogoeva-Gaceva, Gordana; Stefov, Viktor ; Najdoski, Metodija 5-May-2015
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 2213