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Framework for Workflow Gridication of Genetic Algorithms in JavaJakimovski, Boro ; Cerepnalkoski, Darko; Velinov, Goran 2008Book chapter
Geohazards at Surface Coal Mines Caused by Mining ActivitiesJovanovski M, Peshevski I30-Nov-2016Book chapter
Global Dwelling-Intertwining Research, Community Participation and PedagogyMadrazo, Leandro2017Book chapter
Green Composites Based On Biodegradable Polymer MatricesAvella, M.; Buzarovska, A.; Errico, M.E.; Gentile, G.; Grozdanov, A.13-Jun-2009Book chapter
Social Consequences Final Gerovska.pdf.jpgThe Impact of the Global Economic Crisis on the Labour Market and Social Services in MacedoniaGerovska Mitev, Maja 2013Book chapter
Gerovska Mitev EU2020 UACS.pdf.jpgImplications of EU2020 Targets and Indicators on Social Inclusion and Poverty in MacedoniaGerovska Mitev, Maja 2012Book chapter
Improvement of Data Warehouse Optimization Process by Workflow GridificationVelinov, Goran ; Jakimovski, Boro ; Cerepnalkoski, Darko; Kon-popovska, Margita 2008Book chapter
Improving Multilevel Aproach for Optimizing Collective Communications in Computational Grids.pdf.jpgImproving Multilevel Approach for Optimizing Collective Communications in Computational GridsJakimovski, Boro ; Gushev, Marjan 2005Book chapter
Infinite Order Pseudo-Differential OperatorsPilipović, Stevan; Prangoski, Bojan 2019Book chapter
YavuzcanYildiz2019_Chapter_InsightIntoRisksInAquaticAnima.pdf.jpgInsight into Risks in Aquatic Animal Health in AquaponicsYavuzcan Yildiz, Hijran; Radosavljevic, Vladimir; Parisi, Giuliana; Cvetkovikj, Aleksandar 22-Jun-2019Book chapter
7._Macedonia.pdf.jpgMacedoniaGerovska Mitev, Maja 2007Book chapter
Encyclopedia Macedonia and Autism.pdf.jpgMacedonia and AutismTrajkovski, Vladimir 2018Book chapter
Ilievski B. - The Macedonian-Serbian Church Conflict from 1945 to the Present.pdf.jpgThe Macedonian-Serbian Church Conflict from 1945 to the PresentIlievski, Borche 2012Book chapter
Massively Parallel Seismic Data Wavelet Processing Using Advanced Grid WorkflowsJordanovski, Ljupco; Jakimovski, Boro ; Misev, Anastas 2010Book chapter
New Cryptcodes for Burst ChannelsMechkaroska, Daniela; Popovska Mitrovikj, Aleksandra ; Bakeva, Verica 2019Book chapter
New Decoding Algorithm for Cryptcodes Based on Quasigroups for Transmission Through a Low Noise ChannelPopovska Mitrovikj, Aleksandra ; Bakeva, Verica ; Mechkaroska, Daniela2017Book chapter
Numerical analysis of thermal loads on outlet tunnel of arch dam "Sv. Petka" - SkopjeCvetkovska, Meri ; Trombeva Gavriloska, Ana; Lazarevska, Marijana 2016Book chapter
Jansen.pdf.jpgThe occurrence of sprouts of bioethical consciousness in MacedoniaDonev, Dejan 2012Book chapter
Optimization of Adaptive Petri-Net Grid Genetic Algorithm WorkflowsJakimovski, Boro ; Sahpaski, Dragan; Velinov, Goran 2010Book chapter
Parallel Genetic Algorithms for Finding Solution of System of Ordinary Differential EquationsJovanovski, Jane; Jakimovski, Boro ; Jakimovski, Dragan 2012Book chapter