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Chromatographic and Surfactant Based Potentiometric Determination of Aqueous Dissociation Constant of MupirocinNakov, Natalija ; Brezovska, Katerina ; Karchev, Vasil; Acevska, Jelena ; Dimitrovska, Aneta 11-Feb-2020Article
Comparative analysis of the regulatory framework for postmarketing authorization changes in EU and USABrezovska, Marija; Acevska, Jelena ; Nakov, Natalija ; Ugrinova, Liljana; Tonic Ribarska, Jasmina31-Dec-2022Article
Development and optimization of a generic HPLC method for the simultaneous determination of common ingredients in multi component cough and cold oral drug products using chemometricsZafirova, Marija; Acevska, Jelena ; Ugrinova, Liljana; Petrovska-Dimitrievska, Gabriela; Karchev, Vasil; Nakov, Natalija ; Brezovska, Katerina ; Dimitrovska, Aneta ; Petkovska, Rumenka ; Anastasova, Liljana; Tonic-Ribarska, Jasmina; Poceva Panovska, Ana; Kavrakovski, Zoran ; Trajkovic-Jolevska, Suzana2018
Development of a stability-indicating method for evaluation of impurity profile of Atorvastatin film-coated tablets using cyano column based on core-shell technologyTrajchova Kovachovska, Elena; Acevska, Jelena ; Brezovska, Katerina ; Trajkovic, Stefan; Mitrevska, Ivana; Ugarkovic, Sonja; Dimitrovska, Aneta 30-Jun-2022Article
Green Strategies toward Eco-Friendly HPLC Methods in Pharma AnalysisNakov, Natalija ; Acevska, Jelena ; Brezovska, Katerina ; Kavrakovski, Zoran ; Dimitrovska, Aneta 6-Feb-2023Book chapter
High-Throughput HPLC-MS/MS Method for Quantification of Ibuprofen Enantiomers in Human Plasma: Focus on Investigation of Metabolite InterferenceNakov, Natalija ; Bogdanovska, Liljana ; Acevska, Jelena ; Tonic-Ribarska, Jasmina; Petkovska, Rumenka ; Dimitrovska, Aneta ; Kasabova, Lilia; Svinarov, Dobrin30-Nov-2016Journal Article
Implementation of the Ph. Eur. suitability test for semi-micro determination of waterAtanasovska, Biljana; Acevska, Jelena ; Nakov, Natalija 31-Dec-2022Article
Optimization of ion-suppression reverse phase-separation of basic compounds using different mobile phasesPetrovska Dimitrievska, Gabriela; Acevska, Jelena ; Zafirova Gjorgievska, Marija; Ugrinova, Liljana; Nakov, Natalija ; Karcev, Vasil; Dimitrovska, Aneta ; Brezovska, Katerina 31-Dec-2022Article
Possibilities and challenges of "green" chromatographic solutionsNakov, Natalija ; Acevska, Jelena ; Brezovska, Katerina ; Petkovska, Rumenka ; Kavrakovski, Zoran ; Dimitrovska, Aneta 31-Dec-2022Article
Root causes for presence of nitrosamine impurities in active pharmaceutical substances and finished pharmaceutical productsPrculovska, Milena; Acevska, Jelena ; Poceva Panovska, Ana; Nakov, Natalija ; Dimtirovska, Aneta; Brezovska, Katerina 31-Dec-2022Article
Scientific approach and implementation of a measurement uncertainty in mass balance determinationHadzieva Gigovska, Maja; Nakov, Natalija ; Acevska, Jelena ; Brezovska, Katerina ; Dimitrovska, Aneta ; Lazova, Jelena31-Dec-2022Article
Systematic approach for proper control chart design for Karl-Fischer titratorAchevski, Blagoj; Arsova, Frosina; Acevska, Jelena ; Tonikj-Ribarska, Jasmina; Brezovska, Katerina ; Nakov, Natalija 31-Dec-2022Article