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Title: Вистината како преобразена веродостојност – имплицитната историчност во патописите и афоризмите на Јордан Хаџи Константинов Џинот
Authors: Tasevska Hadji Boshkova, Iskra 
Keywords: fictional truth, verisimilitude, historicity, travel writing, aphorism
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: Лектура
Source: Зборник Истина, мистификация, лъжа в славянските езици, литератури и култури. София: Лектура, 2011, 502-508.
Conference: Десетти национални славистички читања, одржани на 22-24 април 2010 год. на Универзитетот „Св. Климент Охридски“ во Софија.
Abstract: Focusing the relationship between fact and fiction is one of the main domains of the theory of literature, as well as that of the artistic literature. First question about the way fictional truth is being realized directs us to the theoretical acknowledgements of Michael Riffaterre, concerning the relation between truth and verisimilitude. Approaching this problem, Riffaterre avoids confrontation with the preceding theories of mimesis, actually with those that are in search of discovering fictional into the representation, enabling opposite approach. The second argument refers to the historicity, a notion that would be easily defined as something divergent from what is historical. Historicity is vigorously connected with memory and recollection, as a second level of temporalization, where intelligibility is empowered, and ontological density is being suspended. This categories are intrinsically imposed on travel writings and aphorisms of Dzinot, as polyvalent, hybrid genres, and not-well theoretically determined. To certain extent, Dzinot’s travel writings are marked with objective voice toward the observed reality (he is an observer, and not self-observer of his own travel), while the following two collections of aphorisms depict one dominant tendency-individual perception of the world under the cultural and political circumstances, as well as the tight correlation between the subjectivity and the universal “truth”.
ISBN: 978-954-92732-1-2
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