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The influence of aerodynamic damping in calculation of response of tall slender structure with TMDFilip Zdraveski; Hristijan Mickoski2015Proceedings
Application of similitude laws for experimental investigations of dynamic properties of tall prototype steel structureFilip Zdraveski; Hristijan Mickoski2015Proceedings
NMV 2017 FINAL__08032017.pdf.jpgAn AHP/TOPSIS method for measurement of the vehicle roadworthiness performance index – VRWPI,Jakimovska K., Duboka, C.,2017
Influence of mechanical alloying time on particle size of copper matrix compositeRuzic J., Jakimovska K., Stoimenov N., Gyoshev S., Karastoyanov D.,2015
Train control system for railway vehicles running at operational speedJakimovska K., Vasilev V., Stoimenov N., Gyoshev S., Karastoyanov D.,2015
Approaches to the control of railway vehicles in motion by predictive maintenance techniquesJakimovska K., Karastoyanov D., Nenov N., Vasilev V.,2015
RAD 05_AComIn 2015.pdf.jpgOptimization and application of advanced laser nanoparticle sizer on wide range of materialsRuzic J., Gyoshev S., Stoimenov N., Jakimovska K., Vencl A., Karastoyanov D2015
_fme_mhcl15 - KJ final (1).pdf.jpgAn AHP/DEA method for measurement of the vehicle roadworthiness performance index – VRWPIJakimovska, K., Duboka, C., Karastoyanov, D.,2015
Application of fuzzy TOPSIS and AHP method in evaluating vehicle roadworthiness performanceJakimovska, K., Duboka, C., Karastoyanov, D.,2015
Application of fuzzy AHP method for vehicle roadworthiness evaluationJakimovska, K., Duboka, C., Karastoyanov, D.,2015
Modeling, programming and simulation of robotized workcells created for industrial and service needsRoman Trochimczuk, Andrzej Łukaszewicz, Ryszard Szczebiot and Ile Mircheski22-May-2019Proceedings
Application of CAX system for design and analysis of plastic parts manufactured by injection mouldingIle Mircheski, Andrzej Łukaszewicz, Roman Trochimczuk and Ryszard Szczebiot22-May-2019Proceedings
9 - novisad 1997.pdf.jpgComputer program of Graphic presentation of the 4D objectsTashevski, Risto ; Joleski, Tome1997Article
11 - austin 1998.pdf.jpgStereometrical Projecting of three-dimensional and four-dimensional objects in curvilinear projective spaceTashevski, Risto ; Dukovski, Vladimir1998Article
Determination of disassembly interference matrix and improved nondestructive disassembly sequences for the productMircheski, Ile Sep-2018Proceedings
Nondestructive disassembly process of technical device supported with augmented reality and RFID technologyMircheski, Ile ; Rizov, Tashko May-2017Proceedings
Mechatronic and MCAD modelling of novel telemanipulator for minimally invasive surgeryRoman Trochimczuk; Andrzej Łukaszewicz; Tadeusz Mikołajczyk; Mircheski, Ile Oct-2016Proceedings
Design of bicycle plastic bottle holder and technological aspects by using solidworks plasticMircheski, Ile ; Andrzej Łukaszewicz; Roman TrochimczukOct-2016Proceedings
Influence of oil quality and viscosity on some quality components of vehicle power transmissionTodor Davcev; Rizov, Tashko ; Avramov, Nikola ; Mircheski, Ile Oct-2016Proceedings
Modification of the diaphragm spring fingers beginnings and its influence on the spring stress distribution and stiffness curveAvramov, Nikola ; Simonovski, Petar ; Mircheski, Ile ; Rizov, Tashko Oct-2016Proceedings
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 52