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Modeling, programming and simulation of robotized workcells created for industrial and service needsRoman Trochimczuk, Andrzej Łukaszewicz, Ryszard Szczebiot and Ile Mircheski22-May-2019Proceedings
Application of CAX system for design and analysis of plastic parts manufactured by injection mouldingIle Mircheski, Andrzej Łukaszewicz, Roman Trochimczuk and Ryszard Szczebiot22-May-2019Proceedings
9 - novisad 1997.pdf.jpgComputer program of Graphic presentation of the 4D objectsTashevski, Risto ; Joleski, Tome1997Article
11 - austin 1998.pdf.jpgStereometrical Projecting of three-dimensional and four-dimensional objects in curvilinear projective spaceTashevski, Risto ; Dukovski, Vladimir1998Article
Determination of disassembly interference matrix and improved nondestructive disassembly sequences for the productMircheski, Ile Sep-2018Proceedings
Nondestructive disassembly process of technical device supported with augmented reality and RFID technologyMircheski, Ile ; Rizov, Tashko May-2017Proceedings
Mechatronic and MCAD modelling of novel telemanipulator for minimally invasive surgeryRoman Trochimczuk; Andrzej Łukaszewicz; Tadeusz Mikołajczyk; Mircheski, Ile Oct-2016Proceedings
Design of bicycle plastic bottle holder and technological aspects by using solidworks plasticMircheski, Ile ; Andrzej Łukaszewicz; Roman TrochimczukOct-2016Proceedings
Influence of oil quality and viscosity on some quality components of vehicle power transmissionTodor Davcev; Rizov, Tashko ; Avramov, Nikola ; Mircheski, Ile Oct-2016Proceedings
Modification of the diaphragm spring fingers beginnings and its influence on the spring stress distribution and stiffness curveAvramov, Nikola ; Simonovski, Petar ; Mircheski, Ile ; Rizov, Tashko Oct-2016Proceedings
3d finite element analysis of tooth contact of spur gearMircheski, Ile ; Simonovski, Petar ; Avramov, Nikola ; Rizov, Tashko Oct-2016Proceedings
Computer-aided design of stirrup cutting and bending machine for mass productionMircheski, Ile May-2015Proceedings
Computational testing of Ti-based orthopaedic implant with porous structure by using of finite element methodMircheski, Ile May-2015Proceedings
Automating non-destructive product disassembly sequence generationMircheski, Ile ; Kandikjan, Tatjana ; Remon Pop-IlievMay-2015Proceedings
Optimisation of porous structure morphology for an orthopaedic implant with improved performance and durabilityMircheski, Ile ; Marko Gradišar8-Nov-2014Presentation
Stereometric identification of geometry and modelling of objectsTashevski, Risto ; Dukovski, Vladimir2000Article
17 - MMA Novi Sad 2000.pdf.jpgIdentification and modelling of objects shapeTashevski, Risto ; Dukovski, Vladimir2000Article
18 - NISsrpski mongeometrija 2000.pdf.jpgComputer aided visualization of the descriptive geometry methodsTashevski, Risto ; Sidorenko, Sofija ; Joleski, Tome2000Article
20 - DAAM 2000.pdf.jpgKnowledge-based virtual NC machiningSidorenko, Sofija ; Dukovski, Vladimir; Tashevski, Risto 2000Article
Analysis of linear approximation of synthetic surfacesTashevski, Risto 2001Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 42