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Tuteski, Ognen
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1Analysis of the Geometrical Parameters and Factors which Define the Complexity and the Form of the MoldKochov, Atanas ; Tuteski, Ognen ; Spiroski, ZoranJan-2014Journal Article
2The Application of Additive Manufacturing in Developing 3D Printed Prostethics and Orthotic DevicesTuteski, Ognen ; Kochov, Atanas Dec-2019Proceeding article
3Conformal Cooling Channels in Injection Molding Tools - Design ConsiderationsTuteski, Ognen ; Kochov, Atanas ; CHaloska, Jasmina ; Spiroski, ZoranDec-2018Proceeding article
4Expert System for Mold QuotationKochov, Atanas ; Spiroski, Zoran; Tuteski, Ognen Jan-2015Journal Article
5Mold Design and Production by Using Additive Manufacturing (AM) - Present Status and Future PerspectivesTuteski, Ognen ; Kochov, Atanas Jun-2018Proceeding article
6New Product Design Development Based on Additive Manufacturing & Rapid Prototyping MethodologyTuteski, Ognen ; Kochov, Atanas ; Rizov, Tashko Jan-2015Journal Article