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Zaev, Emil
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1Application of Fuzzy Logic and PID Controller for Mobile Robot NavigationBabunski, Darko ; Berisha, Jakup; Zaev, Emil ; Bajrami, XhevahirJun-2020Proceeding article
2Co-simulation of the Inverted Pendulum System using Labview and SolidworksBabunski, Darko ; Zaev, Emil ; Berisha, Jakup; Zejnullahi, Artan; Fejzulov, MusahJun-2019Article
3Design of Optimal Control Model for Cascade Hydro Power PlantsBabunski, Darko ; Spasovski, Sasho; Tuneski, Atanasko ; Zaev, Emil Jun-2020Article
4Design of Pressure Control for Optimal Damping in Individual Metering SystemsRath, Gerhard; Zaev, Emil ; Stojanoski, Goran; Babunski, Darko Jun-2021Article
5Development and Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation of an Air Purifier Automatic Control SystemBabunski, Darko ; Zaev, Emil ; Poposki, Filip; Koleva, Radmila; Rath, Gerhard7-Jun-2021Proceeding article
6Direct Tool for Generation of the Geometry of a Francis Turbine Guide Vane SystemBabunski, Darko ; Lazarevikj, Marija; Zaev, Emil ; Markov, Zoran Jun-2020Proceeding article
7Hardware-in-the-loop for Simulation and Control of Greenhouse ClimateZaev, Emil ; Babunski, Darko ; Jovanov, Aleksandar; Rath, Gerhard; Payr, Maximilian Pablo7-Jun-2021Proceeding article
8Hardware-in-the-loop for simulation of hydraulic servo systems and their controlZaev, Emil ; Babunski, Darko ; Tuneski, Atanasko ; Rath, GerhardJun-2017Article
9Improving Energy Efficiency of the Hydraulic Power Systems in Heavy MachineryAnastasovski, Dejvid; Zaev, Emil ; Babunski, Darko ; Rath, Gerhard; Trajkovski, Laze 2020Article
10Modeling and simulation of a hydraulic system under conditions of the stick-slip effect occurence and its removalBabunski, Darko ; Zaev, Emil ; Tuneski, Atanasko ; Koleva, RadmilaOct-2019Article
11Modelling and real-time simulation of hydro turbine wicket gate servomechanismBabunski, Darko ; Zaev, Emil ; Tuneski, Atanasko Mar-2017Article
12Modification of Nonlinear Hydro Power Plant Models Using Real Plant MeasurementsBabunski, Darko ; Bogoevski, Pance; Zaev, Emil ; Tuneski, Atanasko 2020Article
13Optimization methods for water supply SCADA systemBabunski, Darko ; Zaev, Emil ; Tuneski, Atanasko ; Bozovic, DejanJun-2018Article
14Oscillation Damping With Input Shaping in Individual Metering Hydraulic SystemsRath, Gerhard; Zaev, Emil ; Babunski, Darko Jun-2019Article
15Real-Time Positioning and Data Collecting System for Aerodynamic ProfilesZaev, Emil ; Babunski, Darko ; Trajkovski, Daniel; Iliev, Viktor ; Trajkovski, Laze Jun-2019Article
16Simulation and removal of stick-slip effect on a wicket gate hydraulic servomechanismBabunski, Darko ; Zaev, Emil ; Tuneski, Atanasko ; Trajkovski, Laze ; Koleva, Radmila2021Article
17Simulation of stiff systems on real-time hardwareZaev, Emil ; Babunski, Darko ; Tuneski, Atanasko ; Rath, GerhardJun-2018Article