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Affect behind the use of anglicisms among adolescents in North Macedonia - causes and consequencesCelevska, Izabela; Naumoska Sarakinska, Biljana 2023Journal Article
Against the Pre-Archival Mentality (2006)Koteska, Jasna 6-Aug-2006Journal Article
Analysis of a CatalysisKoteska, Jasna 1-Mar-1998Journal Article
The Aromanian ethnic community in the Republic of Macedonia: ethnographic and ethnolinguistic characteristicsHadzi-lega, Joana ; Trpeski, Davorin 2019Proceeding article
The Aromanian ethnolinguistic and cultural community in the Republic of Macedonia: Anthropology of a small community losing its struggle in societyTrpeski, Davorin ; Hadzi-lega, Joana 2019Proceeding article
Assessment Techniques to Improve EFL Students’ Linguistic Competencies – Perceptions of University EFL Students in N. MacedoniaNaumoska Sarakinska, Biljana 2022Book chapter
The Body as a Philological Map Jasna Koteska MANU 2018.pdf.jpgThe Body as a Philological Map. Телото како филолошка мапа.Koteska, Jasna 24-Oct-2018Book chapter
Business English 1Naumoska Sarakinska, Biljana ; Naumoska, Aneta 2018Book
Business English 2Naumoska, Aneta ; Naumoska Sarakinska, Biljana 2019Book
Business English Communication and CorrespondenceNaumoska Sarakinska, Biljana 2020Book
Canale Mussolini by Antonio Pennacchi – a lively view into a dark period which every nation goes through. Blesok No. 117.pdf.jpgCanale Mussolini by Antonio Pennacchi – a lively view into a dark period which every nation goes throughDamjanoski, Milan 2018Article
The Carnivalesque “monde à l’envers” and the Parody in the novel of Rastko Petrovic.pdf.jpgThe Carnivalesque “monde a l’envers” and the Parody in the Novel “The Burlesque of Master Perun, God of Thunder” by Rastko PetrovicTasevska Hadji Boshkova, Iskra 2011Article
Comparaison des proverbes français, italiens et macédoniens avec les connecteurs conditionnels si/se/акоConenna, Mirella; Hadzi-lega, Joana ; Ivanovska-Naskova, Ruska2018Proceeding article
Coronavirus–inspired Metaphors in Political DiscourseNeshkovska, Silvana; Trajkova, Zorica Dec-2020Journal Article
A Coursebook in SemanticsNaumoska Sarakinska, Biljana 2023Book
The Covid-19 Vaccination Narrative On Social MediaTrajkova, Zorica ; Neshkovska, Silvana2022Book chapter
Der Ansatz des integrierten Lernens im DaF-UnterrichtStankova, Bisera Nov-2017Presentation
Digital me Ontology and EthicsKocarev, Ljupco; Koteska, Jasna 21-Jan-2022Article
Do We Have To Speak Maclish?Naumoska Sarakinska, Biljana 2010Journal Article
THE DRAMATIC MONOLOGUES BY ROBERT BROWNING Blesok No. 125.pdf.jpgThe Dramatic Monologues of Robert Browning.Damjanoski, Milan 2019Article