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1Bone Marrow Transplantation Journal 46(1).png.jpgAdverse events related to PBPC collection and mobilization for autologous transplantation in 10 years’ experience: procedures, efficiency, variables related to collection and safety profilePivkova Veljanovska, Aleksandra ; Genadieva Stavrikj, Sonja ; Stojanoski, Zlate ; Chevrevska, Lidija ; Krstevska Balkanov, Svetlana ; Trajkova, Sanja ; Panovska Stavridis, Irina ; Georgievski, Borche 2011Proceeding article
2AML-259: Autologous Stem Cell Transplantation in Patients with Acute Myeloid Leukemia: Single Center ExperienceChadievski, Lazar ; Panovska Stavridis, Irina ; Dukovski, Dusko; Cevreska, Lidija; Georgievski, Borche ; Trajkova, Sanja; Pivkova Veljanovska, Aleksandra Sep-2020Proceeding article
3AML-327: Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cell Proliferation Associated with Acute Myeloid Leukemia: A Case ReportPanovska Stavridis, Irina ; Ridova, Nevenka; Stojanovska, Simona; Trajkova, Sanja; Pivkova Veljanovska, Aleksandra ; Popova-Labachevska, Marija; Ivanovski, Martin; Cadievski, Lazar; Cevreska, Lidija; Petrushevska, Gordana ; Dimovski, Aleksandar Sep-2021Proceeding article
4Analysis of Prognostic Factors As Predictors of Treatment Free Survival in Patients with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia-Single Centre ExperienceTrajkova, Sanja ; Panovska Stavridis, Irina ; Chevrevska, Lidija ; Pivkova Veljanovska, Aleksandra ; Krstevska-Balkanov, Svetlana; Popova Labachevska, Marija; Ridova, Nevenka ; Stojanovska, SimonaAug-2021Article
5ASSESSMENT AND CORELATION OF OXIDATIVE STRESS BETWEEN HEALTHY ADULTS AND ADULT PATIENTS WITH CHRONIC MYELOID LEUKEMIA TREATED WITH IMATINIBLabachevski, Bojan; Popova Labachevska, Marija; Panovska Stavridis, Irina ; Trajkova, Sanja ; Pivkova Veljanovska, Aleksandra ; Stojanoski, Zlate ; Ridova, Nevenka ; Zendelovska, Dragica ; Petrushevska, Marija ; Balkanov, Trajan 10-May-2023Article
620221027_184426.jpg.jpgBCR-ABL transcripts are not expressed in essential thrombocytemia.Panovska I ; Crcareva A; Pavkovic M ; Siljanovski N; Cevreska L ; Georgievski B ; Efremov DG2001Proceeding article
7Young Investigator Award.jpg.jpgBernard-Soulier Syndroma: Report of a Case Found in MacedoniaSvetlana Stankovic ; Nikola Siljanovski; Martin Ivanovski; Irina Panovska ; Tatjana Smilevska; Elizabet Cramer2006Proceeding article
8Biology Reforms Treatment in Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma-Single Centre ExperienceTrajkova, Sanja; Petrushevska, Gordana ; Cevreska, Lidija; Stojanovik, Aleksandar; Popova-Labachevska, Marija; Pivkova Veljanovska, Aleksandra ; Ivanovski, Martin; Panovska Stavridis, Irina Sep-2018Proceeding article
9C-Reactive Protein Monitoring Predicts Early Complications Following Allogeneic Stem Cell Transplantation in AML Patients–Center ExperiencePivkova Veljanovska, Aleksandra ; Panovska Stavridis, Irina ; Stojanoski, Zlate ; Chadievski, Lazar ; Trajkova, Sanja ; Labachevska-Popova, Marija; Ridova, Nevenka ; Krstevska balkanov, Svetlana ; Cevreska, Lidija; Georgievski, Borche Sep-2019Proceeding article
10A Case Report of Aggressive Adult Neuroblastoma Mimicking Acute Leukemia with Fulminant Course and Fatal OutcomePanovska, Irina ; Ivanovski, Martin; Trajkova, Sanja ; Pivkova, Aleksandra ; Genadieva-Stavric, Sonja ; Hadzi-Pecova, Liljana; Latifi, Arif; Trajkov, Dejan ; Spiroski, Mirko ; Cevreska, Lidija16-Nov-2008Article
11Chromosomal Aberrations and Bence-Jones Proteins as a Significant Biomarkers in Multiple MyelomaKrstevska balkanov, Svetlana ; Trajkova, Sanja ; Pivkova Veljanovska, Aleksandra ; Spasovski, Dejan ; Ridova, Nevenka; Kalcev, Goce; Panovska Stavridis, Irina May-2022Article
12CHROMOSOMAL ABNORMALITIES IN PHILADELPHIA CHROMOSOME- NEGATIVE CELLS IN PATIENT WITH CHRONIC MYELOGENOUS LEUKEMIA TREATED WITH FIRST GENERATION TYROSINE KINASE INHIBITOR- SINGLE CENTER EXPERIENCETrajkova, Sanja ; Chevrevska, Lidija ; Pavkovic, Marica ; Panovska Stavridis, Irina ; Dukovski, Dushko; Popova-Simjanovska Marija; Chadievski, Lazar ; Stojanovikj, Aleksandar 10-May-2013Article
13Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia and Polycythemia Vera Concomitantly Diagnosed: Case ReportPanovska Stavridis, Irina ; Eftimov, Aleksandar ; Popovska-Labacevska, Marija; Trajkova, Sanja ; Ivanovski, Martin; Pivkova Veljanovska, Aleksandra ; Chevrevska, Lidija ; Dimovski, Aleksandar Sep-2017Article
14CHRONIC LYMPHOCYTIC LEUKEMIA ARISING IN A PATIENT WITH HODGKIN LYMPHOMA TREATED WITH PERIPHERAL BLOOD STEM CELL TRANSPLANTATION - Case reportTrajkova, Sanja ; Pivkova Veljanovska, Aleksandra ; Popova Labachevska, Marija; Ivanovski, Martin; Krstevska Balkanov, Svetlana ; Ridova, Nevenka ; Stojanovska, Simona; Panovska Stavridis, Irina Jun-2022Article
15Chronic lymphocytic leukemia – Internationa Prognostic Index for Macedonian Patients with Chronic Lymphocytic LeukemiaTrajkova S. ; Cevreska L.; Ivanovski M.; Popova-Labacevska M.; Pivkova Veljanovska A. ; Panovska Stavridis I. 5-Mar-2019Article
1620221027_184443.jpg.jpgChronic myeloid leukemia patients with the b3/a2 transcript have significantly higher platelet counts at diagnosis.Panovska I ; Georgievski B ; Cevreska L ; Siljanovski N; Pavkovic M ; Hadzi-Pecova L; Crcareva A; Pivkova A ; Efremov DG2002Proceeding article
17Clinical characteristics and threatment resulats of childhood acute lymphoblasic leukemia in North MacedoniaAleksandra Jovanovska; Trajkova-Antevska Zorica; Svetlana Kocheva ; Svetlana Stankovikj ; Irina Panovska-Stavridis ; Kata Martinova 2020Article
18Clinical significance of minimal residual disease at the end of remission induction therapy in childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemiaJovanovska Aleksandra; Kata Martinova ; Svetlana Kocheva ; Trajkova-Antevska Zorica; Conevska-Jovanova Biljana; Irina Panovska-Stavridis ; Svetlana Stankovikj ; Sanja Trajkova ; Aleksandar Dimovski Sep-2019Article
19CLL-010: A Predictive Instrument for Asymptomatic Early-Stage Chronic Lymphocytic LeukemiaTrajkova, Sanja ; Cevreska, Lidija; Pivkova Veljanovska, Aleksandra ; Popova-Labachevska, Marija; Ridova, Nevenka; Stojanovska, Simona; Panovska Stavridis, Irina Sep-2021Proceeding article
20CLL-132: Mutational Status of IGVH in Correlation with Genetic Abnormalities of Patients with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia in Macedonia - A Single-Centre ExperienceTrajkova, Sanja ; Cevreska, Lidija; Popova-Labacevska, Marija; Pivkova Veljanovska, Aleksandra ; Ivanovski, Martin; Stankovikj, Svetlana ; Ridova, Nevenka; Stojanovska, Simona; Cvetanovski, Milco; Ristevska, Tara; Dukovski, Dushko; Cadievski, Lazar; Panovska Stavridis, Irina Sep-2020Proceeding article